How to Make a Moss Bowl

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So a LONG time ago while watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I spotted a gorgeous moss bowl on Khloe’s coffee table.  If you google “Khloe Kardashian Moss Bowl”, you’ll see what I mean.  It was so interesting and I loved how it looked natural yet stylish at the same time.  I tried to find one online and was surprised at how expensive they were and promptly ordered what I thought would be the supplies I needed.  When linking the products for this post, I realized I purchased those back in DECEMBER.

It took a damn quarantine for me to get the time to finally put my supplies to use and try my hand at a DIY moss bowl (and latte art, lol).  For starters, I am NOT a DIY’er. In almost every scenario I can think of, I’d rather buy something or hire someone to make it or do it for me.  For some reason, this little project piqued my interest so I decided to go for it and was shocked at how easy it was!  I’d say it took me a total of 45 minutes once I got started.  Let me break down the steps for you here in case you find yourself wanting to give it a go and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

Step 1.  Pick out your bowl.  You could use any size that fits your space but I’ve linked some similar to the bowl I used below! I wanted something shallow.

Step 2. I layered the bottom of my bowl with two plastic Target bags to allow for some height.  You could use anything (crumpled paper, paper towel…).

Step 3.  Layer Spanish moss down.  This is also to create height and offer a spacious cushion for the actual moss.

Step 4.  Place the moss spheres in the bowl.  I had 3 but could have used 4.  I created some divots in the Spanish moss and pushed the spheres into the divots so they weren’t totally perched on top of the moss. The spheres give dimension and shape to your design and are also very green!  I linked a few options above but these were the exact ones I used (they’re currently on sale, too).

Step 5. Warm up that hot glue gun!  The sheets of moss all look a little bit different.  Some have brown spots, some are very intact and some are shredded at the ends.  I used a combo of ALL to make it look as natural as possible but stayed away from the brown for the most part.

Step 6.  Start to break off pieces of the sheet moss and glue them onto the Spanish moss.  Use different sizes and shapes.  Sometimes I used scissors to cut the moss and sometimes I just tore pieces off. Again, the point is for it to look really natural! I found it to be sort of like a puzzle to achieve the “look” I wanted.  Make sure all of the Spanish moss is covered and glue right around the moss spheres. At the end, I went around and glued any pieces that seemed a little loose or not glued down.  Overall, I was so excited with the result and will for sure try this again!


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