Friday Chit Chat

Cardigan/ Tank/ Joggers/ Glasses

We made it to Friday, guys! Currently on day…actually what does it matter at this point? Lol.  We’ve been at home for a long time… I hope you guys are hanging in there and finding the small blessings in these crazy times.  I’ve never talked to my family more on the phone (btw, you must download the Houseparty app!), have been living in lounge wear and spending a LOT of time with Austin and the kids obviously.  It’s not so bad if we can block out everything that’s going on outside of our four walls.  I am very grateful to be here in California where I can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and am looking forward to a fun weekend with the family. I ordered Connect Four and am extremely excited to play with the fam…#itsthelittlethings! What games are you loving right now?! Stay well and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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