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I’m not so sure I should even say, Happy Friday! Because, honestly, it isn’t, right?.  It seems like the world is coming to a stand still and watching it unfold is truly something I can’t even describe.  My best friend and I were talking about how we haven’t felt this level of uncertainty since 9/11.  If you’re someone who doesn’t feel this way, I applaud your ability to keep it moving in these crazy times.  I am just not that person!

If you saw my stories last night, you know that it feels a little odd for me to be talking about lipstick or denim given the current state of the world but many of you said it was a welcome break from the craziness.  So as long as that is what I am providing, I will continue to do so.  Your messages made me feel better and I love hearing that I can give any sort of welcome respite from everything that is going on while also bonding with you all about everything that’s going on.  Just like you, in the background of this space, I am worrying about my parents, in-laws and making plans to have our day to day lives change quite a bit.  We are cancelling our Spring break getaway, making sure we have the right necessities on hand for our family and preparing in general.

One way I feel a little bit of control in these types of situations is by preparing and trying to find the silver lining. For me, that is thinking about how I will spend my TIME over the next few weeks.  I’d love to put my energy into something productive and healthy. Cooking more, meditating, organizing my home and knocking some of those things off my list that would require me to be home for hours…like piles of paperwork, taxes and sorting out my digital life. Those are the types of things that will keep my anxiety in check.  Most importantly, I want to give my kids undivided attention, focus and love! Stay healthy and safe and as always, thank you so much for being here. xx

  • I ordered some crafts to have on hand for the next few weeks.  We’re on our 3rd set of this slime and LOVE it.  The containers are tiny and pre-made so you don’t have buckets of slime all over your house.  You can add scents or fun beads, mix colors and it’s not the super wet type of slime that drips everywhere.  10/10 for this craft!
  • This kinetic sand is always a hit with both of my kids.  YES, it is messy but they have a ball with it.
  • My new favorite nude lipstick (it is a true beige-y nude) is this one in Beach Babe.  You CANNOT beat this fabulous formula either.  I’m also a huge fan of Salt Lyfe and Rum Punch.
  • I replenished my favorite sunscreen yesterday.  This is hands down the best.  It looks flawless under makeup too!  My dermatologist recommended it years ago and I haven’t gone back.
  • If your hands are raw from all of the washing, this cream is a must have! It has clean ingredients and is not greasy.
  • These are our favorite elderberry vitamins.  They’re so yummy and my entire family takes them!
  • This is a great article on what to stock up on if you’re going to be home for the next few weeks.
  • This Homebody sweatshirt makes me happy.  It’s so soft and cozy- I got a size small.

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