5 Bathroom Products I Can’t Live Without

Necklace/ Bodysuit/ Denim (size 25)

This is really something. Like REALLY SOMETHING, right?  But here we are…I felt pretty frozen at the end of last week and over the weekend.  I accomplished very little and felt glued to the news.  As someone who struggles with anxiety I felt immobile and knew I had to change my thought process.  Yesterday Austin and I decided to make a list of all of the things we COULD do over the next few weeks in addition to all of the things we wanted to do.  Immediately that helped change my mindset!  I have to continue to focus on the good here or I’ll probably lose my marbles, lol.  Today I wanted to share 5 bathroom products that I literally can. not. live. without. I share this because we will all be hunkering down for a while so why not share the things in my bathroom that make my world easier on the off chance that it may be JUST the thing you need in your life right now.  As always, stay healthy and thank you so much for following along! xx

  1. Glass Canisters– I have had this set for I believe 8 (ish) years.  They are STURDY, chic and look so pretty on your vanity.  Plus they hold a TON of stuff.  I store cotton pads in one (for my weekly manicures), q-tips in the smallest one and makeup sponges in the medium one.  The quality is fab and I can’t recommend them enough.  Love something that doubles as easy on the eyes and functional.
  2. Billie Razor– I know.  I KNOW. I succumbed and was heavily influenced by every influencer on this one. I’ve mentioned it before but my favorite part of this razor is the small magnet that allows it to be stored on the shower wall!  I love the sleek design but best of all, I love the price ($9 for FOUR).  You pick your delivery schedule and you guys…I was kind of grossed out by how long I was going in between changing out my razors.  Hoping this is a #nojudgementzone
  3. Eye Patches–  When I’m religious about using these, I see a major difference.  Even if I do get weird looks from Austin when they’re on.  Lord knows at the moment, I need all the help I can get, lol!
  4. Foot File– This is the best $12 you can spend.  I use this every day in the shower and never have an issue with hard or calloused heels/feet!
  5. Magnifying Mirror– OMG.  I researched these mirrors a lot and was astounded at how pricey these mirrors get.  This one has a light and excellent magnification (two options too).  JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE YOUR PORES IN THIS MIRROR.  Better yet, send me a message and let me know! #lifechanging
  6. Bathroom Rugs– So I couldn’t keep it to just 5 things because I had to share these rugs.  I purchased these after I saw them on the Things I Bought and Liked IG page and they are AWESOME.  They come in a variety of sizes and are so soft (she compared them to a Barefoot Dreams blanket!). I started with 1 to try it out and now have 5 in my home.  The best part is that when you wash and dry them they look like new! PS- these are 25% off today!

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