Your Top 5 From January

Sunglasses/ Tank/ Jeans/ Shoes/ Handbag/ Hoop Earrings

Did you guys have a good weekend? How epic was that performance by J. Lo?!  I saw the best meme ever talking about how she is literally Benjamin Button and aging in reverse.  It was one of my favorite halftime shows to date.  I read online that they started making her costumes in September and I loved that she wore Versace- so fitting!  Today I want to share your Top 5 from the month of January.  We’ve got some repeaters here (the snakeskin booties are still on sale btw!) and some new arrivals to the list.

Minus the bootie, I love that everything is athleisure based on some level…the tank you could dress up or down but really, you guys were all about being cozy last month and I must say- I’m in total agreement with your choices.  It would be hard for me to pick a favorite out of this list but I’d have to say the think the thing I wear the MOST is the tie dye sweatshirt…it is the softest material and the color of the tie dye is so light that you almost need to look close to realize that it IS in fact tie dye.  I wear it with leggings (obvi), jeans and over the weekend when our temps hit 80, I wore it with my all time favorite cutoffs.  Don’t worry, today it will be 60 again so I’m sure I’ll be back in my sherpa jacket for drop off! I hope you guys have a great week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

Target Tank– I mean it is EIGHT DOLLARS AND SO GOOD.  Need I say more? I have it in both the XS and S and don’t think there is too much of a difference.

Snakeskin Bootie– These have been a best seller for months.  They run tts, are actually really comfortable and require no breaking in (I’m looking at you Veja.)! They come in a ton of great color options too.

Tie Dye Sweatshirt– You will LIVE in this.  I got an XS.

Sherpa Jacket– This jacket is so cozy and warm!  I love the look of it and wear it ALL the time.  It runs tts and has become my go-to jacket that I grab whenever I’m running out the door!

Acid Wash Sweatshirt– The acid wash is so fun and an ode to the 80’s.  So cute with leggings, jeans or even a midi skirt!

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