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Sunglasses/ Handbag/ Denim/ Bodysuit/ Similar Shoes

Happy FRIDAY! So excited for the weekend.  We got a glimpse of Spring all week with temps in the 70’s and 80’s and I was SO here for it. I spent the day yesterday playing catch up…do we ever feel caught up?  As a Mom it seems like where you spend your time in one area, you neglect in the next.  My laundry may be getting folded but it is at the expense of SOMETHING else, right?! I’m in Spring cleaning mode and want to clean, purge and organize EVERYTHING in my house right now but what else is new?!

I tackled our coat closet this week and got all of our Winter stuff washed, sorted and put in bins in our garage which felt so good.  Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend? We have some family in town visiting which is always a nice change of pace.  Soul Cycle and a date night are on our agenda as well.  Spring has me so excited to share new, fresh finds with you guys so let’s get to it! Here’s what I’m loving, listening to and obsessed with this week…

  • Kimono– It deserved to make it onto the Friday Chit Chat post.  It is THAT GOOD.  If you missed my stories yesterday, this kimono recently made it’s way into my closet and wow.  There are endless ways to style it:  with cutoffs, white jeans, black pants, over a bathing suit…I could go on. It’s one size fits all and I’m so excited to style it this Spring and Summer!
  • Gucci Mules– I realize these are quite the investment.  Trust that I do. But I often talk about price per wear for shoes and for me, these have been worth every single penny.  So much so that I’m considering another, lighter pair.  Remember my Designer Wish List? They’re still on it.  I’ve also added this new sandal addition to my list…the color is stunning and they’re so classic.
  • Lipstick Obsession– Gosh, this may require its own post but these lipsticks are so. dang. good.  I’ve never had a brand of lipsticks where every color I’ve tried WORKS on me…not to mention the formula is top notch.  Recently I picked up the colors Rum Punch and Beach Babe (Salt Lyfe was my go-to) and I am smitten! 10/10 in my books.
  • As someone who just recently discovered the world of podcasts, I often wonder how I ever lived without them!  I plug in my airpods and listen as I clean, catch up on e-mail or fold laundry.  One that I listen to every single day is The Morning Toast.  If you love pop culture or anything Bravo, this show is for YOU.  I laugh out loud multiple times per episode.  Bitch Sesh is another favorite but I’d love to know some of yours!
  • I can’t stop thinking about this cute coverup dress!  It’s different than all of the coverups I have and I think would be so cute going from the pool to beachside cocktails.
  • This week I shared a magical bra I was able to test run from Soma Intimates.  Head to my Instagram feed to see a crazy transformation…if you hate back bulge under shirts from your bra’s, then this is worth checking out!
  • A Practical Way to Prepare yourself for a possible Corona Virus Outbreak.

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