My New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Wow, 2020!  We closed out 2019 with Rigatoni Alla Vodka, a movie and an early bedtime.  It was exactly how we wanted to spend our time, lol.  Yesterday we HUSTLED and got all of the Christmas decorations down and I swear I did laundry and cleaned for HOURS.  Most would find this dreadful but honestly, that’s like a really great day in my book, lol!  Outer order, inner calm is pretty much my mantra and our house was feeling the opposite of orderly if you get my drift. I’m excited to do a massive organizing sesh in January because you know that’s my jam.  Give me a drawer to organize and I’m in my happy place.

I look back on 2019 with so much gratitude.  Most importantly, for the health, safety and happiness of my family.  But also for all of you! The fact that I am able to do what I love- create, style, write and SHARE means the world to me.  February marks my 5th year of Kara Loves Coco and I’m so honored to still be here in this space hopefully inspiring you along the way.  Are you making any resolutions this year?  I always feel like a fresh year and decade no less is the perfect time to focus on what is working in your life and what you want to change.  Thank you for being here and cheers to 2020! xx

My 2020 New Years Resolutions

1.) Take Better Care of My Skin-  I’m 38 and it’s time to up the ante!  I’ve used the same day cream since high school and I’m starting to see signs of aging- sun spots/damage and wrinkles.  I’ve never used a serum (consistently) and feel like it’s time to invest in my skin.  I’ll be sure to share what I learn and love!

2.) Manage My Anxiety- This should have been in the #1 spot.  I have shared a little bit about my anxiety- but pulling the curtain back on this topic and my personal journey with it feels like a big leap.  I have had anxiety for a very long time. I worry about what-ifs that seem silly and small (the stomach flu, flying on airplanes are just a few examples) and I worry about the possibility of terrible catastrophic things happening.  My anxiety ebbs and flows depending on my life circumstances but I’m working on managing it.

3.) Grow my Business- a SUPER general statement but I LOVE pouring energy, time and focus into THIS.  It feels so rewarding and can’t wait to see where we are 1, 3 and 5 years from now.

4.) Self Care- this is all encompassing.  I’m so excited to start working out again!  Although I feel like I eat pretty clean, there are always improvements to be made for me in this category but overall, I’d like to make time for me doing things that do not consist of childcare, work or housework.  Like getting a massage!

I’d love to know what your resolutions or intentions are for the year.  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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