Friday Chit Chat

Cardigan (XXS)/ Jeans/ Link Bracelet/ Sunglasses/ Shoes

So ready for the WEEKEND! How about you guys?  Austin’s Dad is coming over to help us out with some home projects- hanging those pictures above the fireplace is on our list! I also need to order Coco some Valentine’s.  I got her some at Target a few weeks ago and she and Griffin found them and already opened each package.  Luckily, they were like $3 a box, lol.  Secretly, I’d love to take her to see Frozen 2 again…we’ve been listening to the music on repeat at home- the soundtrack is so good! In other news, I’m fervently googling the relationship between eczema and working out.  My eczema literally vanished when I stopped working out.  I started working out again last week and boom…it’s creeping back it!  So frustrating.  Dermatologists, feel free to weigh in! Ok, let’s chat about what I’m loving, needing and obsessing over this week…

  • Someone talk me out of another pleated midi skirt!  HELP! I saw this one and felt like I needed it for my Spring/Summer wardrobe! How fab is the color?
  • We watched Game Changers on Netflix this week and LOVED it.  It’s about mega athletes that went plant based and what the result of that change was. So interesting! Next up is Cheer.  Can’t wait to start it!
  • Speaking of vacations, my bestie wore this leopard sarong on her most recent one and looked so cute in her pics!  I ordered it and LOVE it over a swimsuit!
  • Gosh-  I really love how chic this tie waist blazer is.  I haven’t seen anything like it.  Wearing it out would be a major power play!
  • Added this cute sweater to my cart yesterday.  I’ve never tried this cut before so I’m excited to style it! I think it can be worn open or buttoned up and have a vision of wearing it with cutoffs or great jeans.
  • A Madonna has been on my wish list and it’s going to be hard for me to pass up this layered set. So special.
  • My favorite nail polish brand (9 free) is having a flash sale and their polish is 25% off! I’ve never seen it this cheap! Some of my ride or die colors are Vendetta, Chim Cher-ee and Jane Austen.

What are you guys up to this weekend?  I’d love to know and as always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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