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Sunglasses/ Bodysuit (M/L)/ Denim (25)/ Handbag

Happy Friday.  CHEERS to the weekend. This week has been LONG.  Like REALLY LONG.  I literally couldn’t even get on stories yesterday because I didn’t want to come on and complain.  I’m trying to have a more positive mind set but yesterday was a long ass day! I remember working in corporate America…having tough days was normal.  It came with the territory.  But somehow saying you’ve had a bad day as a stay at home full time parent with a part time work from home job doesn’t seem “worthy” of complaints.  But in all honesty, there are some days as a stay at home parent that are leaps and bounds more challenging than any job I’ve ever held!  It is challenging in such a different and emotional way.  There are no breaks (especially if your sweet toddler has taken a leap out of his crib and refuses to nap). Things like unloading the bottom section of the dishwasher while the kids eat a snack feels like a huge victory and a break.  It’s truly wild at times!

Not to mention, I am a creature of habit.  So like clockwork, every day when Griffin naps, I work.  Or work out.  Or eat. That didn’t happen all week.  So I set my alarm for 5AM every day this week to compensate for the lost time. And he was up at 4:45 most days this week.  Some days he would go back to bed, and some he wouldn’t.  It was challenging! And yet, something really simple like a sweet hug from him can make all the frustration evaporate in an instant.  Parenting is truly a roller coaster of emotions, lol.  What do you have planned this weekend?  We have a babysitter and a date night on the books and I’m getting in a Soul Cycle class which ALWAYS helps me mentally! Here are the things I’m reading, loving, buying and excited about this week:

  • I bought a pair of Veja sneakers. Again! This is exactly what I did with my Golden Goose.  I bought them, thought they were stiff as hell, returned them, thought about them for months and bought them again.  I am trying a different style this time so I’ll report back!  I ordered these and these– both in the white with black detail.
  • One of the best workout tops got restocked this week.  I love the open back and it is the softest material. I also spotted this tank.  LOVE.
  • Got some questions on my robe from my stories the other day!  It is SO FUN, soft and glorious and I love how many patterns and prints they come in!
  • I’ve got two jackets on my mind right now and both are so well priced and will transition perfectly to Spring: this one and this one…your thoughts!?
  • In case you missed it, my FAVORITE show, Schitt’s Creek is BACK.  If you’re behind, start from the beginning (Season 5 is starting now).  Work your way past the first 4 episodes and I promise, you’ll love it too! PS- who’s watching the Bachelor?


As always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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  1. January 17, 2020 / 7:01 am

    Ahhh parenting is so hard and SO rewarding. Very well said. Sending you all the best vibes for a relaxing weekend!

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