Cozy Winter Cardigan

Cardigan (xs)/ Bodysuit (s)/ Denim (2)/ Boots

Few things excite me more than a great FIND.  Recently I’ve found so many great things at Walmart and when I stumbled across this grey cardigan on Black Friday, I knew it had to be mine.  It’s the perfect blend of relaxed and cozy yet polished at the same time!  I didn’t take a pic of the back but there is beautiful stitching that I just love across the shoulders- it’s these kinds of simple details that make a cardigan like this look much more expensive than it actually is ($26 what!).

Here’s what I love about something as simple as a grey cardigan.  It serves about a million purposes.  Throw it on with sneakers and leggings. Check.  Toss it over a maxi dress and add a belt. Check.  Wear it to date night with jeans and a bodysuit. Check. Throw it in the car for the MILLION times you’re in a movie theatre, doctors office or grocery store freezing wondering WHY you didn’t bring a cute cardigan! And smile internally that you look freaking cute (and warm) with your $26 cardigan you scored from Walmart.

Walmart Fashion has really upped their game as of late and I’m so here for it.  As you know, I’ve become a HUGE fan of their Scoop line and this cardigan is from that collection.  The more I shop at Walmart, the more things I find that wow me (and then end up in my closet like this, lol!).  For example, I was curious to see if they carried my OTK boots and was shocked to find out that they DID.  It really is a one stop shop. I’ve linked my entire outfit for you below along with a few of my favorite sweaters I’ve recently found on their site!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xx

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*This post is in partnership with Walmart. All opinions are my own. xx


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