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Happy Friday!  I’m switching up our normal Friday Chit Chat post with one of my favorite gift guides- the one for the guys! When I asked you guys on IG stories who you wanted help shopping for, men came up quite a bit! And I get it- they’re hard to shop for!  Ask me for gift ideas for a girlfriend and I’ll have ideas for days but the guys? Not so much.

Which is why I literally sat down with Austin and had HIM curate this post based on things he has, loves and wants.  People ask me a lot if I buy Austin’s clothes…not even.  I wouldn’t even want to risk it.  So while I’d feel comfortable buying him a tie or a pair of UGG slippers (another great gift idea btw), I wouldn’t venture into clothing or shoes.  He is similar to me in that he’s really particular in what he likes and wears (and he’s a sucker for a new pair of gym shoes like these!).

Some of his favorites are investments- like the dress shoes.  But the cost per wear is so low since he’s had them and worn them for 4 years now!  Same with the jeans…he started to wear a slimmer fit, straight leg jean a few years ago and loves these ones. Austin golfs a lot.  It is his one true love and passion after his family, lol.  So I love when things like this polo can double and be worn on the golf course and at a casual work lunch. When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with electronics for the guys!  A bluetooth speaker, some airpods or a great watch (Austin got this one a few years ago and still wears it all the time) will always be a good call.  If you have any great ideas for the guys, comment here or in today’s IG post so we can all get some good ideas and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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