Gift Guide for the Homebody

I hope you guys had a great weekend!  It really feels like I got SO much done and checked off of my to-do list.  Christmas cards are ordered, work was accomplished, Thanksgiving meal was planned…it felt so good to be really productive.  Austin and I had a date night last night and besides it being almost 90 degrees today, it’s really starting to feel like the Holidays around here!  I’ve started my shopping and am slowly getting the house decorated.  Last year I really tried to do a LOT in November and early December and it paid off in the fact that the last few weeks of December weren’t a crazy, frenetic rush but really enjoyable. I plan on doing the same this year too (hopefully!).

Today I’m sharing the ultimate gift guide for the homebody in your life.  I DEEPLY relate to anyone who identifies as a homebody.  And few things give me more joy than receiving a gift that elevates my level of homebody-ness, lol. You’ll notice a few things from the Barefoot Dreams category on this list.  That is because they are A. worth the money.  B. The SOFTEST material you’ve ever felt. C. Something worth gifting or putting on your own list. I LIVE in my cardigan (also just gifted one to our babysitter for her Birthday) and the entire family loves our blanket so much!  Hopefully these items give you some ideas for the people in your lives that just really prefer staying in (nothing better).  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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