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Jacket (xs)/ Henley (xs)/ Coated Denim (26 regular)

This post is dedicated to one of my new favorite retailers- Abercrombie.  Yes. I said it. ABERCROMBIE! You guys.  They’ve really upped their game in the past year.  As in, I want one of everything on their site.  Talk about a rebrand…this is not the Abercrombie of your high school years with the strong cologne and half naked black and white photos.  This is the real deal.  Cute clothes that fit great at a doable price point.  I was recently turned onto Abercrombie when I was on the HUNT for some mom jeans that weren’t Levi’s.  Because, you know, I need to be able to sit in my car without unbuttoning my jeans #priorities.  I came across these on their website and immediately ordered them! One thing I really appreciate about their denim is how easy it is to identify and sort WHAT type of denim you’re searching for: curvy, short, skinny, distressed, mom, VINTAGE STRETCH.  It made my search easy and quick which was impressive.  Not many retailer websites made it that easy on me.

Well then I found myself deep diving into their site!  I ordered a hooded sweatshirt, this white henley and before I knew it I was fully convinced I needed everything and had found my new spot to shop. Today I wanted to share some of my favorites from them as they’re doing an exclusive sale on the Like to Know.it app! You can get 25% off almost all of their clothes (fyi- denim and leather are not included) so it’s a great time to stock up.  I snagged this faux fur jacket a few weeks ago and am in LOVE!  This jacket has taken over the internet (it comes in so many colors and fabrics) so I wanted in on the hype, obviously.  And it is ALL its hyped up to be and more.  I can’t wait to style it all Winter long!

One category of their site definitely worth looking into is lounge wear.  I got these tie waist lounge pants in grey and ivory and they’re so soft.  My “lounge wear” was really gross to be honest. Holes.  Stains.  YEARS old. Not cute.  Austin called one pair of my lounge pants zubaz…I had to google that and he was very accurate in his description, lol. Needless to say, it was time for an upgrade! I feel very cute, pulled together and fancy in my new lounge wear.  They’d make an excellent gift for any of the ladies in your life and the bow detail is extra sweet, too! So here’s the deal…Abercrombie has a sale today that is exclusive to the LTK app. You can download and follow me here in the app (it’s easy, promise!) and take advantage of the sale!  I’m sharing photos and sizing of my favorites below and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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Henley (xs)/ Denim 26

Lounge Pants (s), went up a size

Henley (xs)/ Lounge Pants (xs)

Lounge Pants (xs)/ Henley (xs)

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