Workout Routine Update

So…I haven’t worked out in TWO weeks.  That hasn’t happened since prior to January.  If you guys missed it on my stories, I started to get some major rib pain…I let it go for over a week sure I had pulled something in one of my workouts or lifting one of the kids but it just never improved and in fact, got a little worse.  It hurt to sleep on that side and although it wasn’t excruciating, it was always there. I went to the doctor and turns out it’s costochondritis (WHAT?!).  In short, the cartilage in between my ribs is inflamed and most likely from my upper body workouts. There is no remedy besides rest, heat and cold so here I am two weeks in with no working out!  My doctor said it could last weeks to months but the longer you wait to rest it, the longer it will take to heal.  So I’m resting up!  What does this mean?

Well, I’m trying to get a MINIMUM of 10k steps per day just so I don’t feel totally lazy.  That’s pretty easy running after Griffin.  I’m going to start incorporating lower body exercises like Soul Cycle (but avoiding the arms) and am thinking I may go back to yoga.  I haven’t done it in YEARS but love it. This also allows me a legitimate excuse to get out of the 10k I had signed up for and NOT trained at all for in November.  The doctor gave a hard no to that and Austin is considering taking my place.  Either way, wanted to share some of my favorite workout pieces that I pulled together prior to my injury! As I mentioned before, I was on the hunt for some shorter workout tops.  I think they look so cute with high waisted leggings.  I ended up keeping (and loving) this one.  I wear it to spin by itself, but also wear it as a tank/sports bra hybrid during the day and throw a t-shirt or cardigan over it for a comfy athleisure look! I did an extensive legging review here but I’m still loyal to the align pant from Lululemon and recently got these leopard print ones (although online they’re called formation camo).  The grey is also in heavy rotation! As always thank you so much for following along! xo

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