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Henley (xs)/ Similar Lounge Pants

Hello! I hope you guys had a great weekend! We cherish the weekends around here (umm who doesn’t?) because there’s no schedule. No morning rush to get to school, very little loading and unloading into the carseats, no appointments to rush to…you get it. And even though we always have stuff going on, it feels relaxed if that makes sense. Saturday we took our family photos and I’m so happy with how they turned out!  I’ll be sure to share more on that this week.  That evening we went to dinner with a girlfriend who was in town visiting from Chicago and it was the best.  Reminiscing with her made me miss our time in Chicago- it seems like a lifetime ago but it was such an adventurous and fun time for Austin and I.  We were starting our careers and living in a huge city in our early 20’s.  Looking back, it was a dream!

Everyone always asks what you would tell your 20 year old self and honestly, it would be not to stress so much about work.  I feel like Austin and I were always grinding.  Saying no to things, people, vacations and Weddings for work. Don’t get me wrong…we had a LOT of fun.  But we also worked a ton.  We talked last night about how we wish we would have said yes more to the things we really cared about instead of no for the sake of our jobs. Lesson learned though and we feel like we’re in a place now to recognize the importance and value of time doing things that make us really happy.  Our spare time seems more precious (and minimal) than ever so hopefully our future selves will look back on this time and be proud of the decisions we made!

So can I just LIVE in this cozy outfit above?  I mean…I watched an episode of Oprah years ago and she talked about how when she wears her gross sweats, she calls it her shlumpadinka outfit.  I can SO relate to this because I LOVE a soft and comfy shlupadinka outfit!  My sweats are is so old and worn out and nothing matches. I’m trying out some more acceptable lounge wear and can’t get enough of this cozy top and these lounge pants!  The top would be so cute with jeans too.  Ideally I’d have only lounge wear that would be acceptable to wear out in public. #Goals, right?

So onto some of the questions you guys submitted via Insta Stories a few weeks ago…you can always DM me questions too or ask in the comments of my posts- I really try to respond to all of them if I can! As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

  • When you started your blog, did you start with something like WordPress?  Or something else? When I started my blog (over 4 years ago!), I was on the Blogger platform.  I switched over to WordPress after my manager and web designer suggested it about a year ago! From what they said, it’s much better for SEO.  This is the part of my business I know the LEAST about though, lol!
  • What’s your skincare routine? I’ll have an updated skincare routine coming soon! This post is from last Winter but very little has changed!
  • What is the concealer you use? I love this one!  It really REALLY brightens you under eye area which I need, lol.  My color is Light-Med.
  • Do you love your short hair or wish for long? Initially I loved it!  In many ways, it was so much easier than having long hair. But then I started to really miss being able to throw it up into a top knot.  So now that it’s a lob length, I’m REALLY liking it.  I’ve been growing it out ever since I cut it a little over a year ago and just modify the cut as it grows.
  • How does your hair grow so fast?  What vitamins do you take? My hair has always grown really fast.  The only vitamin I take is Vitamin D and am not sure if that helps!
  • What is your favorite accessory that you own? This is SUCH a hard question! Probably my Love ring from Austin.  I think it’s classic and timeless and I usually wear that in place of my Wedding ring.  He gave it to me when we had Colette and had it engraved with her name and Birthday.
  • Where is your C and G necklace from? It’s Maya Brenner and can be found here!
  • How do you find time to be a blogger with two kids at home? Ha! This is a great question. Coco is in school which makes it easier but I try to be really productive before my kids wake up, at nap time and after they go to bed!  When I have a sitter watching them, I also maximize that time and try to get as much done as I can. I try to stay off my phone when I’m around them but sometimes it’s inevitable. Luckily, I love doing this so it doesn’t doesn’t bother me and I really enjoy it. But it is hard to juggle it all (I know so many of you can relate!). I feel like when work is super productive, my house is a mess.  When I’m on the ground playing with my kids, my inbox gets flooded.  Something is always not getting done and I’ve tried to accept and be ok with that. Right now I have thank you notes from August that need to be written!
  • Do you wear socks with your Golden Goose? I do!  I can’t NOT wear socks with sneakers.  These ones are pretty good and don’t show!
  • Do you have help with your kids? We are really fortunate in this area of our lives.  Austin’s parents and my Mom and Step-Dad live out here and are very helpful.  We also have one sitter that helps us out!  My Dad also comes out every few months and is such a huge help!
  • Have you ever done eyelash extensions? I have not.  I don’t think they’re for me for a few reasons.  The time it takes to apply them sounds long and tedious.  I like to wash/scrub my makeup off and I don’t think you can wash them? I could be wrong! Also the eczema around my eyes is a shit show so adding something to the mix sounds like a bad idea!
  • Can you link you steamer? Yes! This is the one I use.

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