Halloween and Thanksgiving Books for Kids


For every Holiday, Austin and I like to give a little something to our kids.  Usually it’s a bag or little box with stickers, a coloring book or small toy and always a book to celebrate the Holiday! Over the years (and with the help from Grandpa and Grandma), we’ve created a wonderful collection of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine, Christmas and Easter books! During the month of each Holiday, I get those books out, put them in our bookcase and those are what we read for the month for the most part! It gets the kids really excited in anticipation of the actual Holiday and looks decorative and Seasonal displayed on the shelves!  We’ve had this bookcase since Coco was about 1.5 and just love it!  It’s moved from her room, to our playroom and now back to her room.  The white is clean, it holds a LOT of books and both kids can reach all of them.  It came with a wall mount so there’s no risk of tipping either! You can decorate the bottom of it or add baskets for storage which we love! You can shop our favorite Halloween and Thanksgiving books below.  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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