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Happy Friday!  This seemed like a really long week for some reason, right?  Like yesterday really should have been Friday type of thing.  Either way, I am thrilled the weekend is here!  We’re taking our family photos tomorrow morning and I’m still ironing out the outfit details…Austin threw me for a loop since he likes to wear blue and only blue unless he’s on the golf course.  Wither way, I’m excited for the direction we’re going with both the photographer and our outfits this year and can’t wait to share more.  Typically I love or hate our photos there is zero in between…Austin is the same so we’re hoping this is a year we love them! If you need help planning your pics before I get my post out, you can reference this one from last year! I hope you guys have a great weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Recent Purchases:  I feel like I need to update my workout tops so I ordered this one from Lululemon and am excited to see how it fits.  And then I couldn’t resist a few other gems I’ll share once they arrive and if I decide to keep them! One of my favorite bloggers, Brooke, posted about these boots (25% off!) and suddenly, I felt like my life wouldn’t be complete without them.  I kid.  But honestly, the shape is so lovely.  I got the suede but was tempted by the patent! So chic! I snagged these cozy white slippers for $23 and my feet have never been happier…speaking of cozy, my family l-i-v-e-s for this Barefoot Dreams blanket which is back in stock.  The hype is real and justified my friends.  If you missed it on the Nordstrom Sale, now is your chance.  At the very least, put it on your Holiday list.

Denim Update:  It was nothing less than THRILLING to find THE jeans I’ve been searching for.  The look of a Levi (high waisted, straight leg, not skinny) but with the ability to breath. So they needed to be stretchy.  I’m pretty sure the website description of these said “vintage stretch”.  Works for me! I ordered a 26 and exchanged for a 27.  I’m planning a denim post coming soon with all of my hits and misses, lol.

On My Radar:  Combat Boots.  Once again, why didn’t I save my Doc Martens from middle school? And my tie dye? And biker shorts?  Either way, if I bite the bullet it will be a pair that is chic yet rugged.  Something like these or these. Honestly, the more I think about them, the more I want a pair!  I think they’d be so cute with black leggings and even just a long sweatshirt!

I’m Obsessed: When I was trying to find a similar dress to my tiger print one from the March of Dimes gala, I came across THIS ONE. This dress is premium and if I didn’t have my tiger print one, I would order it immediately.  An investment, yes.  But if it were me, I’d get SO much wear out of it that it would be well worth it!

On my Radar:  Scoop is now at Walmart. WHAAATTT? One of the coolest stores in NYC (they went out of business in 2016) is now re-launching at Walmart. I browsed the collection and am actually really impressed!  I can’t speak to the quality but I’m interested in seeing how this plays out.

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