Felt Hat Round Up

Bodysuit (M/L)/ Handbag/ Similar Jeans/ Sunglasses

Austin has LOTS of comments when I wear hats.  The other day, we were heading out and I was wearing a fab felt hat…on the way to dinner, the radio went out in my car and he said it was probably because my hat blocked the signal. He’s also made Pharrell references.  It’s FASHION! But he does admit that they are cute…he just likes to give me a hard time when he can.  Today I’m rounding up my favorites since they have become a staple when it comes to dressing for Fall.  First, nothing conceals a bad hair day better.  No dry shampoo necessary when you’ve got a great hat!  To be honest, I really feel like a hat adds SO much to an outfit- especially a felt one.  The felt adds an element of texture and is so perfect paired with a sleek bodysuit or chunky knit sweater. I’ve added one to my collection each year and am now up to 3- grey, this rose color and black. Here in San Diego, it’s been super hot…wearing a hat has been an easy way to incorporate “Fall” into my look without wearing a jacket or sweater which would be much to warm right now.  The one I’m wearing in this photo is sold out but I’ve linked several stunning ones for you below! I’ve heard amazing things about this one here btw!

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