4 Must Have Boots for Fall and WInter

Hi!  I hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was so nice until Coco came down with a fever on Saturday.  She was feeling much better by Sunday but there’s nothing worse than a sick little one! Austin and I randomly had a sitter Saturday morning and went to the Pacifica Breeze Cafe in Del Mar.  We hadn’t been before and it was so charming!  You order at the counter so it feels like a little cafe and they have a beautiful patio overlooking the ocean and Del Mar.  We both got the most delish Hueveos Rancheros dish with jalapeno- if you like spicy, it’s a must try!  We grabbed coffee to go and headed down to the beach for a walk.  The weather was spectacular and it’s days like that that really make me slow down and appreciate how beautiful San Diego is.  Don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of complaining about it (the EXPENSE, earthquakes, fires, rattlesnakes, heat, the expense…) but you can’t deny that it is so lovely!

I’ve lived in 3 other states and am still in awe by the landscape of San Diego. One thing I love about this place is that Fall and Winter cool down JUST enough to wear boots and jackets.  After living in Michigan and Chicago for the majority of my life, I can safely say, I don’t need it any colder than that.  I prefer my snow on a snow “trip” where it lasts for a long weekend at best! I’ve mentioned this before but there are some years I buy zero boots (last year), and some years I want to buy ALL the boots.  This is one of those years, lol.  I’m rounding up my favorites for you here and 4 styles I think will elevate your wardrobe this Fall and Winter! You’ll notice that I didn’t include a ton of options in each category…this is because I only wanted to include boots that I would actually wear or own myself and love.  I’m super selective with everything I buy and boots are certainly no exception! As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Bootie- My favorites are these snakeskin booties!  They run tts and are very comfortable! They also come in a bunch of different colors if snakeskin isn’t your jam. I really love all of the colors.  This is the category that was most difficult for me to find options that I LOVED…which is why I ONLY gave you guys two options.  I really didn’t see too many more that I would honestly wear.

Ankle Boot-  I recently purchased this ankle bootie and it is life changing!  They look so cute with skirts and jeans, run tts and are very well made in my opinion.  They look just like the $450 Loeffler Randall ones too btw.

Combat Boot/Hiker Boot-  I have not ventured into this territory yet but I think I will soon.  Love the look of these with leggings and a big knit! Here’s the ones I’m eyeing at the moment. Some of these are hybrids of a combat AND a hiker which is really appealing to me style wise- almost like a two for one! Obsessed with these ones here.

OTK or Knee High Boot-  If you’ve been an OG follower, you know the Stuart Weitzman OTK boots were on my wishlist for YEARS.  I was obsessed.  I saved and got myself a pair and then snagged the flat ones in grey.  I don’t wear them as much as I wish I could ONLY because the heeled ones are on the dressier side.  I don’t regret buying them in the least- you can’t beat the quality BUT I need more date nights or a fancy trip to a city so I can wear them much more.  As a side note, Southern California is very casual…like VERY casual.  So it’s a vibe when I’m breaking these out, lol.  I think if I was still living in Chicago, I’d wear them ALL THE TIME. I made sure to round up some near identical dupes for you here too!  A great pair of OTK boots can make you feel like you’re literally on top of the world (and the look of super model legs doesn’t hurt either!). They REALLY elongate your legs.


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