Your Top Five from August

Writing this on Labor Day morning with both kids sleeping while sipping coffee and burning my new (SAFE!) pumpkin candle.  Life is good! I hope you guys had a great long weekend! Ours consisted of Griffin’s Birthday party, Soul Cycle, a date morning AND night (huge treat) and a bunch of catch up around the house.  That’s the thing with having little ones at home…you need to pretty much expect to never be caught up or picked up in your life/home.  I’m not going to lie, I STILL have a hard time with it.  Hence, the second Griffin goes down for a nap, I race around my house like a crazy woman picking everything up and cleaning because I have a hard time focusing in chaos. Who else?!  One of my pet peeves is when people are like, “ENJOY IT NOW BECAUSE THE TEENAGE YEARS ARE WHEN IT REALLY GETS CRAZY.”  Really?  At any given moment in my life, I’m working, doing a load of laundry, stepping on a lego, Griffin is scaling my walls, Coco is asking me a million questions and Lola is having diarrhea on my carpet.

I kid you not, before we had kids, everyone was like, “ENJOY YOUR SLEEP NOW!” Then we had them and they were like, “NEWBORNS ARE EASY, WAIT UNTIL THEY WALK!” Then they walked and they were like, “OOOHHHHH JUST WAIT UNTIL THE 2’s. THE 2’s ARE SOOO HARD.” Every fucking stage is really hard! But really amazing at the same time! How is that possible?!

Either way, ENJOY YOUR CLEAN HOUSE NOW! BECAUSE THE SHIT STORM OF TOYS IS COMING.  Kidding! But back to cleaning and picking up- I did a LOT this weekend and actually feel sort of together.  Like the laundry is done, I actually vacuumed, worked and we went grocery shopping. The bottom line is, I need a 3 day weekend every weekend. Or a house keeper.  Honestly, If I had unlimited money, the first thing I would do is hire one.  I wouldn’t buy a new house, hire a chef, get a new car or a plane.  I’d hire someone to come pick up the toys and clean. Who’s with me on this? Ok let’s get to your top 5 from August!

1.) Square Neck Bodysuit– THIS. I love it so.  Always a sucker for a bodysuit, but I especially love the delicate straps and square neckline of this one.  It runs small (I have a US 6), is a great price point ($25) and looks just as cute with jeans as it does dressed up with a midi skirt.

2.) V-Neck Tee– THIS WARDROBE STAPLE IS UNDER $10 right now!  Love the fit of this and wear it ALL the time!

3.) Tie Dye T– OBSESSED with all things tie dye and this $22 one is finally back in stock!

4.) Plaid Blazer– So perfect for ALL Seasons based on the color! It is so neutral and the fit is so great for the office, drinks with the girls and everything in between.  I think it runs big (I ordered an XXS) but also worth mentioning is that it is meant to fit a bit oversized.

5.) Black Sunglasses– These sunglasses are so chic.  Plus they are under $70, plus they also come in tortoise, plus they are comfortable on your face!

Hope you guys have a great short week and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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