The Jewelry I Wear Every Single Day

Happy Monday! We literally had the most PERFECT weather in San Diego over the weekend.  Days like that remind me just how lucky we are to live in Southern California and it was especially sweet coming off of several weeks of 90’s plus temps.  We took the kids swimming and to the beach- two things that it literally felt too hot to do recently and it was so fun.  Believe it or not, Austin and I rarely get to the beach even though we live pretty closet to it. But each time we do, I have those, “we need to do this more often” thoughts. Last week on my stories I asked you guy to submit questions for an upcoming Q and A blog post and I got multiple questions about the jewelry I wear day in and day out.  Since there are a handful of things to share with that, I decided to share them here.  For the most part, my earrings, rings and necklaces stay the same and have for years!  My bracelets and watches I tend to swap out depending on the day and what I have going on.  So here’s the lowdown:

Earrings:  I got a pair of huggie hoop earrings for my 13th Birthday and yes, these are STILL the same earrings I wear day in and day out!  I sleep in them and rarely take them off.  They sit close to my lobe so you don’t even feel them when they’re on which I love.  My parents got them at a local jewelry store in my home town but I found some nearly identical ones for you here, here and here! Occasionally, I’ll swap them out for a pair of small diamond studs I have but usually, I stick with the hoops!

Rings: Unfortunately, the eczema on my fingers is really triggered by my rings right now.  I’m not sure if it’s the heat or what but I haven’t been able to wear them for weeks.  So ready for THAT to get under control because it feels really weird not wearing a ring on my ring finger! In my day to day, I wear the gold Cartier love ring on my ring finger.  Austin surprised me with it after I had Colette and it is so special to me.  Not to mention it is the most comfortable ring I’ve EVER worn.  It doesn’t catch on anything and lays completely flat against your finger.  Usually when we go out, I wear my wedding ring and my diamond eternity band (similar to this) on my left hand, and my Cartier ring on my right hand.  My Mom also gave me a rose gold, sapphire eternity band that I wear to add a little color (similar here).

Necklace:  I GET SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT MY LETTER NECKLACE! Seriously, so many! I got this Maya Brenner necklace after I had Coco.  I have the 18″ but am debating getting it shortened (they also make a 16″). The company is amazing and if you want to add a letter or stone down the line, you simply pay the fee for that, send it in and they add to it and send it back!  So when I had Griffin, we added the G. I never take it off- I’ve showered and slept in it for years and it’s held up so well. I also love my coin letter necklace from Helen Ficalora.  It’s so simple and I love to layer the two as well!

Bracelets: I love to have a good time with my bracelets.  I mix and match my gold beads from The Butterfly Social and add in my Dior friendship bracelet, a tiny diamond tennis bracelet (similar to this) and occasionally a gold bangle. Creating a unique stack of different colors, sizes and textures is key to having the look I’m going for!

Watches:  As a Mom and someone who works out, I have to say I’m in love with my Apple watch.  I’ve had mine for two years and appreciate that I can see if I’m getting a call or text without having to be right near my phone.  I probably haven’t even tapped into all of the functions that it has but for now, I monitor my steps and occasionally track my workouts!  You’ll see me wearing my Apple watch with my bracelet stacks on the reg! I’ve had my Michele watch for over 15 years and love that it’s classic and chic- plus you can change out the bands.  I reach for it on dressier occasions although prior to having kids and getting the Apple watch, this was my daily watch.  Recently, I added this black one to the mix and love how sporty and sleek it looks.  Also, I wear black pretty much all the time so it seamlessly blended into my wardrobe!

So that’s the jewelry scoop!  I hope that helps answer your questions and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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  1. Melissa
    December 21, 2019 / 5:30 pm

    I love your everyday jewelry! May I ask what length of chain you have for that one? Did you choose one with a single diamond or no diamond?

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