Life Updates: My Fitness Routine

Sweatshirt (size 6)/ Sports Bra (size 6)/ Leggings (size 4) (color titanium)/ Shoes (order a 1/2 size up)

Happy Monday!  Coming at you with a BBG update today because honestly, fitness questions are some of the most common questions I get.  I have another Q and A post coming up but a lot came in about my fitness routine so I thought I’d put those into a post for you here!  A lot of your questions can probably be answered in this post (7 weeks into my fitness journey) and this post (6 months into my journey) but I’ll answer some new ones today and update you on where I’m at.

As a recap, I started working out almost 8 months ago.  We purchased the Peloton (read my review here) and I committed to the BBG program.  I went ALL IN and had never felt better. This program works and I LOVE it.  Last week on a crazy whim, I decided to take my second week off from working out in almost 8 months (the other week I took off was when we were in Florida on vacation). Why, you ask? Honestly, the last few weeks have been rough.  There was no ONE THING but overall a lot of little things- new schedules, kids getting a cold, family stuff, travel for Austin, work deadlines, lack of sleep to name a few.  I’ve struggled with anxiety for my entire life and always debated sharing that here (seems silly to type that) since this is supposed to be a happy, easy space. But if I’m being real, that hasn’t been MY reality lately.

My anxiety has crept back in.  Luckily, I’m managing it in my own personal ways (may share more on that in a later post), but I know that so many also struggle with it too.  You’re not alone and I totally feel you! I noticed that my mood started to effect my workouts.  They felt physically harder.  Like my body was resisting them. Getting through them was a struggle and like nothing I had ever felt before.  Even though working out is the #1 way I keep my anxiety in check, something wasn’t jiving.  So I gave myself a fucking break and took a week off!  It felt really weird.  I’ve worked out for no less than 4 days (and usually 5-6 days) per week for 8 months! But I listened to my body.  No BBG. No peloton and no Soul Cycle!  And while I’m excited to start up again tomorrow, it felt really good to take that break.  I slept in instead of getting up at 5 to work, went to bed earlier, started reading again, was off my phone more and in general, tried to practice some self care.  That’s such a buzz term right now, right?  But I do believe that you need to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others well. And I’m excited to get right back into it.  For me, it’s a slippery slope when workouts aren’t going well-  my diet easily goes off the rails too.  So my focus over the next few weeks will be cleaning up my eating and reseting my body. Not to mention, this far into BBG, you need to be focused and high energy because those workouts are no JOKE my friends! So I’ll be starting week 34 (WHAAATTT!!!) of BBG today and here’s what my typical week looks like:

Sun- off

M- BBG legs

T- Peloton or Walk outside (about 20-30 min)

W- BBG arms

TH- off

F- BBG abs

Sat- Soul Cycle (45 min)

I also try to get 10k steps per day.  I’d love to add an additional cardio workout and may try to incorporate that somewhere too! And let’s be honest, a workout in a great outfit has never felt better, am I right?  My Mom and I popped into Lululemon last week and they had the cutest stuff (like this cute zip up which is SO cute in person)!  Sharing some of my can’t live without workout favorites with you here:

Now that I’m so far along in the BBG program, I did snag a few things to make my home workouts easier! Here are my BBG workout essentials (just know that for the first probably 20 weeks, I didn’t use equipment just stuff I had at home!). I bought the 5, 10 and 12lb weights below:

What is your current workout schedule?  I’d love to know and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo


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