How to Mix Navy and Black

Sunglasses/ Moto Jacket/ Sandals/ Handbag/ Pleated Skirt/ Black Square Neck Top

So I used to really shy away from the combo of navy and black…something about it just didn’t work in my brain.  But I gotta say, ever since I wore a black and navy dress (SO similar to this) for our Holiday photos a few years back, I’ve been smitten with the combo especially when it comes to a dressy-ish type of outfit/situation.

The truth is, there really are NO MORE RULES when it comes to fashion.  We are in an era where literally everything goes and as long as YOU love it and feel your best in it, nothing else really matters. I’m loving that I constantly see women breaking those traditional and outdated “fashion rules” on the regular in my Instagram feed.  It’s like the thought of what other people may think doesn’t even cross their mind.  Imagine that! I could totally use a little more of that confidence because when I’m making a statement with an outfit or accessory, I still have that lingering thought of, “will people think this looks weird?” or “Will they get it?” And the truth is, that doesn’t matter.

My friend Kali really embodies this mentality with her wardrobe and I really admire her for this! She boldly wears what sparks a fashion fire in her soul (just check out her coverage of NYFW).  Let’s all aim to care a little less about what others think and more about the stuff that matters! Because life is too short to give a shit about what other people are thinking, am I right?!

So let’s talk about this outfit I threw together for our 10 year Anniversary dinner!  This skirt is a few years old but I found this one here that I love (and actually have in another color).  A pleated midi skirt will work for the office, for school pick up (with sneakers) and for date night. It is SO versatile and I can’t stop adding them to my closet! This black square neck top gives the appearance and fit of a bodysuit but without the inconvenience of the snaps when you use the restroom, lol! It is sexy and comfortable all at the same time.  It looks super glam with some high waisted jeans and heels and is at such a great price point. And I always throw this suede moto on over pretty much any outfit and love how it gave some edge to an otherwise ladylike outfit. Do you combine navy and black?  As always, thank you so much for following along!

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  1. September 11, 2019 / 7:44 am

    Awww, love this Kara! YES, let’s all wear what sparks a fire and not what we “think” we should wear! And happy 10th anniversary! So amazing!

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