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Nail Polish/ Leggings/ Shoes

We made it to the weekend!  This week was full of thrilling adventures- TB tests, flu shots, shopping dates with my Mom and trying out the new Impossible Burger at Burger King to name a few!  Yesterday it rained and was a little chilly in the morning (67 counts, right?!) so we lit our pumpkin candle and I wore a cardigan for about 20 minutes.  Hello FALL! What are your plans for the weekend?! As always, thank you so much for following along! Here’s what I’ve been obsessing over this week!

  • On The Hunt ForThe perfect camel coat.  Finding the perfect camel coat is ALMOST as challenging as finding jeans that look like Levi’s but feel like leggings.  I ordered 3 options and will share updates as they arrive. Since we live in a really warm climate, I’m not looking for a forever coat.  Just something to fit the bill for now if that makes sense.  This doesn’t need to last for 10 years and won’t be worn daily for 4 months out of the year.  What I’m trying to say is, if I still lived in Michigan or Chicago, warmth, fabric and longevity would be my priorities, not style and cost. So here’s what I found and ordered after my research:
  1. This J Crew long cardigan sweater– I have the short version and LOVE it but am looking for something a bit longer and love the length of this one.  This may be the practical option for living in San Diego (and is on sale)!
  2. This J Crew coat (color autumn biscuit) was a great price (and 40% off right now!).
  3. The price of this Gap Factory coat was too good to pass up!
  • The Shopbop Sale: My order came in so I’ll be trying on what I’m keeping via stories later today! Today is the last day to shop everything at 20-25% off.  You can refer to this post for my faves!
  • Adulting:  Our back yard is raining leaves so I ordered this leaf blower and don’t think I’ve been more excited about a purchase in a long time.  It is addicting, lol!
  • For the Family: Got a lot of questions about the Elderberry gummies I shared this week.  We actually prefer these ones (they’re the only ones my kids will eat). We all take them during flu Season or whenever anyone is feeling not so great.  They help boost immunity (so they say!).
  • For the Home:  We started getting our Halloween decor out yesterday!  This candle is a MUST (post coming on safe candles soon!), these glass pumpkins, this spooky doorbell and a collection of small pumpkins (similar to these velvet ones) that we use as a centerpiece in a big bowl on our dining room table!
  • Noteworthy Sales: My favorite camel hooded sweatshirt is on sale for $28.

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