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**The exact print of this dress is sold out but I found several options below of the exact dress!

Well short weeks are officially the best, am I right? This week was eventful and busy- and we’re celebrating our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY THIS WEEKEND!  It really seems like just yesterday we were saying our vows to each other and celebrating with our friends and family.  I still remember that day like it was yesterday and have so much gratitude for the incredible husband and father Austin is!

So it still seems like we’re still transitioning from the lazy days of Summer to having a daily routine and schedule and let me be the first to say, I miss Summer, lol.  But I know we’ll get there!  Change is hard for kids and adults.  I mentioned on stories yesterday that as much as I want to bombard you with Fall fashion goodness, the reality is, I am in a pool of sweat because it’s 90 degrees here. So I’m doing my best to  chat about items that can easily transition from Summer to Fall. What are you guys up to this weekend?  Here’s whats on my mind, in my cart and what I’m into this week! As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

What I’ve been eyeing this week: I have these sunglasses in a light orange shade and LOVE them.  Then I discovered that they now come in this tortoise…eeeekkk they’re so good! My fave brand of denim is making clothes too? I am shook. And this leopard t-shirt is real cute. These boots are a great dupe for the Stuart Weitzman tieland and for a fraction of the price.  Loving the color! This graphic band t-shirt is such a great price! Can’t stop drooling over this sweater dress! Would be SO stinking cute with booties.

In My Cart: OMG they make my sweater blazer in a LONG version. Amazing and so perfect for Fall! And I think this leopard headband is just the cutest!

For the Home: We’re on a maje budget right now. Austin and I have some serious financial goals we’re trying to achieve in the next 5 years which makes for a really boring yet financially sound 10 year anniversary celebration, lol.  Based on that, home decorating is on the back burner at the moment BUT I’m loving a simple canopy bed like this.  I swear, California has so much freaking dust and it seems like both upholstered beds we have are a magnet for it.  A girl can only vacuum so much.

My MIL sent me this awesome article on b-day parties for kids! It is SO good and as someone who really dislikes spending my precious weekend time with my family at Birthday parties, I am LOVING what it has to say! Mostly though it speaks to how over the top we’ve gotten with Birthday parties. I will admit, I had a Belle at Coco’s 5th Birthday party BUT in my defense, it was her first Birthday party ever.

This article on new beauty products to try has me intrigued.  I haven’t seen any of these products anywhere!

Have a great weekend and can’t wait to catch up next week!

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