Mom Talk Monday- Griffin’s 2 Year Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but OMG my little guy turns TWO this week so it’s totally necessary! I really can’t even believe it.  Everything has gone at warp speed with him yet he still feels like my little baby.  He is so happy, curious, precocious, loving and sweet and I could literally just eat him up. He is talking a lot and recently said two hilarious things I must share:

1.) He misses a shot into his basketball hoop and says, “OH MAN!”

2.) I ask him if I can sit next to him and he says, “SURE, OF COURSE.”

My heart explodes daily with the things he says and does.

For a minute there I was just thinking about how I could describe to you how much I love him but I came up blank because literally I can’t even put it into words. #nowimcrying


He turns two this week and we are having a very small get together with family to celebrate!  It will be garbage truck themed because he is obsessed!  I’m currently debating making my own allergy friendly cake for him or just buying one from Sprinkles.  No facility will guarantee a 100% allergen free cake so really, anywhere we purchase one is not totally safe.  It’s totally nerve wracking as a parent. Then you compound that with knowing he will see things eventually at Birthday parties that look yummy and won’t be able to partake and it becomes a real bummer all around.  I know it could be way worse of course but I do pray that he outgrows this. Once less thing for this mama to worry about would be just great, lol.


As I’m sure you know from my Insta Stories, he is NOT sleeping through the night yet. I’m still nursing him and we are in a total shit show when it comes to bedtime in that I’m nursing him to sleep and it takes an hour every.single.night.  I’ve talked to our sleep specialist and now it is just a matter of me getting the balls to actually take action.  Send me some strength! I have zero when it comes to this.  Based on the poll I took over the weekend, the majority of you did some type of sleep training but also, I found that that the results were ALL over the place on when your little ones started sleeping through the night- everything from 6 weeks to 3 plus years (Lord help me). I guess at the end of the day, the results make me feel like I’m not alone in that there is zero consistency…and many of you said you dealt with multiple regressions. I can deal with the night wakings but I don’t want to spend an hour putting him to bed when it used to take 5 min.  Stay tuned on this!

SCHEDULE- here is our general schedule! I am pretty rigid when it comes to being home for naps which I think helps a lot in that he naps every single day without question.

6/7AM Wake, breakfast, play

7-11AM Errands with me, playdate, park, snack

11/12 Goes down for a nap, sleeps for 1.5-2 hours

2- 6 Lunch, play, park, playdate, errands

6-7 Dinner, Bath

7/8 Bedtime


Because of his allergies, his diet is so clean! His current faves are hamburger, pita bread with hummus or peanut butter, turkey, beets, oatmeal with blueberry and avocado.  He is starting to turn his nose up at veggies but loves sweet potato! For snacks he likes puffs, banana oatmeal pouches, good life cookies and watermelon.  Some days he seems to eat an obscene amount and some days I wonder if he ate enough!


He has many modes of transportation, lol.  We push him to the park in this cute car, he is STARTING to learn how to scoot on this scooter and we ALWAYS love our Bob stroller.


I’m all about toys that occupy him!  He just got this Leap Frog train and LOVES it.  Also, this water table ($39), this car racer, but NOTHING will ever top this garbage truck.  He plays with it every single day. This is on my radar for his Birthday- I think he would go nuts! Linked some of his other favorites below!

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Can you guys believe he will be TWO?! As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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