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This week has done a NUMBER on me. Coco started Kindergarten and let’s just say it was a lot for everyone (mostly me, lol!).  To be honest, I wasn’t at all prepared for how emotional I would feel about this transition.  There have been ups and downs (mostly ups) which I expected but it was a culmination of feelings for me. It was a reality check in how quickly time passes in addition to feeling like this world is all together too big for such tiny little people.  I was struck with emotion seeing all of the little kids work through the newness of it all and found myself feeling extra vulnerable and to be honest, I WEPT for like hours on end.  I don’t think I’ve cried this much in years. It has really caught me off guard!  I try to remind myself how lucky we are and the many blessings we have- I mean people have real actual problems and I get that.  But this week was just a toughie. I will say, I am SO grateful for my tribe.  My girlfriends and family have walked this path before me and I so appreciate their kindness and words of encouragement. I’m so looking forward to the weekend and catching up on sleep, soul cycle and just focusing on me and my family. Griffin is waking up a lot at night so I’m sure the lack of sleep is contributing to the tears, lol.  I hope you guys had a wonderful week and I appreciate you all so much!

Recent Purchases: Just ordered this camel hooded sweatshirt!  Love the cropped design and color and think it will be so cute (and comfy!) with leggings! I had been waiting for these biker shorts to come back in stock- I am OBSESSED as you know with the pant version and can’t WAIT to try the shorts!

In My Cart: If I needed a camel cardigan (I don’t), I would TOTALLY snag this! How many sunglasses is TOO many?  Obsessed with the square shape of these (and they’re on sale right now!).

On My Mind:  I’m tempted to try this sweater midi skirt trend…thoughts?  This one has such fun colors and is a great price!

Back To School: I got these cute unicorn ice cube molds and plan on making some yogurt frozen treats for lunches for Coco! Stay tuned on that!

For the Kids: This is totally random but if you need a sippy cup for all ages that doesn’t spill, leak or mold (ewwww), these are SO good!  Seriously, I’ve tried them all and both of my kids love these!

For the Home:  Spotted this rug and would love it for our master bedroom!

Loved reading this article on the 23 Best Hostess Gifts!  I’m always trying to stock up and thought some of these ideas were so cute!

As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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