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Happy Friday!  This week was a little crazy with Coco being sick and me being with the kids for all but I believe 3 hours total.  I got SUPER spoiled over the Summer and had help during the day for a few hours usually two days each week.  That was when I would crank out work, workout and run any errands that wouldn’t require a toy or lollipop to get through with two kids, lol. So for that reason, I’m excited for the WEEKEND!  I also want to say, thank you guys for the feedback on my posts this week! I’m glad you’re loving the Bing info and I appreciate all of your comments and DM’s.  I’m so looking forward to the next few weeks- the transition from Summer to Fall from a fashion standpoint is always exciting for me and I have some fun content to share with you guys.  Here’s what was on my mind this week:

On My Radar: Veja Sneakers. So you all know I adore my Golden Goose sneakers.  I wear them multiple times per week and they have far exceeded my expectations from a style and versatility standpoint!  Lately, I have found myself wanting a pair of clean, all white sneakers and think these might just fit the bill without the higher price point of the GG.  I think they could be styled in a lot of fun ways and look just sporty enough without being TOO sporty.

Recent Purchases: Ahh, FALL is in the air.  Not really because it’s like 90 here but I love seeing Fall fashion hit the stores.  While hunting for a great blazer, I came across this plaid one and since it was by the same designer that makes my white blazer, I knew I could trust the quality, fit and price!  I cannot wait to style it for FALL.  Since my love of bodysuits knows no bounds, I finally bit the bullet and snagged this black crewneck one.  It has great reviews, is a FRACTION of the cost of the Wolford one (still want the turtleneck!) and I think it will be great alone or layered under a blazer or moto jacket.

For The Kiddos:  Every kid obviously needs to start the year off on the right foot with a new lunchbox!  Coco picked out this one and I have to say, it is THE CUTEST. I hope unicorns never go out of style.

Ear Cuffs: Until I get my double piercing (sorry Mom), I’m going all in on the ear cuff trend.  Snagged this set of two for under $35.

Holiday Candles: I found myself down quite the rabbit hole yesterday.  I love to light candles in our home…the smell, the ambiance…everything about it makes me happy.  Except reading that they’re basically carcinogens and leave toxic soot in your house.  So what’s a girl to do?  I researched non toxic pumpkin candles and found myself learning a lot more about candles and their impact on our health and homes than I bargained for.  If you’re interested, you can read this article like I did but in a nutshell, there is a bunch of toxic shit in the wick and wax of candles.  Beeswax candles are where it’s at yet really hard to find (I really tried).  Paraffin candles are no good. Like really bad.  So I took a deep dive and found the Williams Sonoma brand to be the safest and this pumpkin candle at least says on their website that it uses food grade paraffin (like what they rub on apples to make them shiny…which WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CULTURE THAT WE NEED SHINY, PRETTY APPLES?!).  This is another pretty safe option although I’m not sure what pumpkin patch smells like?!  Either way, you have some safe options now if in fact you care at all about this like I do.  I’ll be up all night thinking about the Yankee candles I burned for hours on end in my 20’s.

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