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T-Shirt: Nordstrom/ Cardigan (old): Lou and Grey (similar here)/ Shorts: Agolde/ Tote: Goyard/ Bracelets: Dior and TheButterflySocial/ Sunglasses: Quay

Hello! Yay for the long weekend! What are your plans?  We’re celebrating Griffin’s Birthday tonight and are excited to relax and spend time with the family and each other!  Honestly, the last two weeks have been so nuts that I’m just looking forward to unwinding for 3 straight days.  Back to school is no joke and our schedules have turned upside down it seems.  I’m in one of those spaces where my to-do list is miles long and there just isn’t enough time to do it all.  Acceptance is key with two little ones and I’m trying to be ok with undone laundry, toys everywhere, projects never done (like ordering/hanging art) around the house while we acclimate. Please tell me I’m not alone here, lol!  My type A self is riding the struggle bus….I’m hoping things even out over the next few weeks- they always do, right? So are we shopping for Fall yet?  This post will be short and sweet since I’ll be rounding up my favorite Labor Day sales for you over the weekend but I’d love to know if you’re in Fall mode or still hanging onto Summer!  It is so hot here so we’re still in Summer mode!  As always, thank you so much for following along and be sure to check back here for Labor Day sale info! xoxo

Recent Purchases– just ordered these steel straws for my Yeti.  I always prefer to drink out of a straw and feel like if I put an iced coffee in my Yeti, the ice crashes to the top when I’m drinking it and coffee goes everywhere. Not cute! I shared these glass pumpkins which I’m SO excited to style for the Fall!  I got one large one and two smaller ones. Inside my house I like some classy Halloween decor but outside we go crazy and Griswald style with the decor. I couldn’t resist these leggings.  The print looks like leopard in black on black and they are my FAVORITE OG NEVER FAIL LEGGINGS.  I had to have them.  For reference, I wear a size 4 in this brand and when I was pregnant, sized up to a 6.

What I’m Loving– Speaking of Halloween, how cute is this doormat?! Can we talk about square toe sandals for a minute?  I realize that Summer is coming to an end, but I’ve seen this style sandal a lot lately and I gotta say…I’m a fan!

PSA’s– The pumpkin spice latte’s are back at Starbucks!  I know everyone makes fun of how basic they are but to be honest, I think they are freaking delish and am SO excited to treat myself to 1 or 15 this Season. We finally finished Big Little Lies this week and I thought it was so good!  What should our next show be?  Keep in mind I prefer light hearted stuff…like Bravo is my JAM.

What Moved Me– Lara Spencer made a big mistake and the dance community responded.  My brother in law, Adrian, is a professional dancer and it wasn’t always an easy path for him because of people like Lara and gender stereotypes. Loved his post and reaction to this. #boysdancetoo

Allergy Friendly Birthday Cake– After calling too many bakeries and stores to count, I finally decided to just make my own Birthday cake for Griffin.  I couldn’t find ONE place that could guarantee safety in terms of no cross contamination with allergens.  I decided on this recipe so wish me luck!

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