Breaking Down the Bing- The T-shirts You NEED to Know About

Today I want to talk about a brand I’ve come to really love.  Mostly because I feel like I need to break down a t-shirt that costs $100- it deserves a bit more conversation and attention.  I had my eye on one of these t-shirts for some time now but I just couldn’t wrap my brain around the price tag.  I irritated my friends as I usually do when I’m debating something that is a higher than average price point (I pestered my bestie to no avail when I was debating the purchase of the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots, lol). I wanted it and LOVED it but man…the price.

So recently I was shopping with my Mom, telling her the story of Anine and her t-shirts and she was like, omg please just buy it already! And here we are.  MANY wears later (in just a few short weeks- HA!) and with an additional one added to my collection (thanks Mom!).  Here’s why I am a total #fangirl of this brand.  Anine started out as a “blogger”…ugh so glad we are all considered “digital influencers” now- so much fancier.  But LONG before blogging was a THING and you could make money in this digital space, Anine was blogging and posting on Instagram just like so many of us do. Except she took her platform and created a small collection of items and began selling them.

I love that she started off with a small handful of curated items and grew from there because that is how I typically shop.  I have a few basics I love and cherish (that will last a long time), and I build and add trendier pieces around those basics.  Anine is a huge inspiration to me because not only has she created a beautiful brand in this space, but she is also a Mother.  And I feel that her collections speak to that…her clothes are perfect for the modern women.  No longer are we wearing specific clothes for our lunch with clients, date night or school drop offs.  Her pieces can be mixed and matched and worn to ALL of those.  One t-shirt can be styled in so many different and creative ways and I’ve so enjoyed doing just that now that I have my hands on one!

Fast forward to present day and she has multiple brick and mortar stores and a thriving brand of which she has culminated a cult following. She really WENT for it in the best possible way. And frankly, I want to support her because of that.  We all start somewhere and one day a long, long time ago, she was right where I am today. It makes me proud and excited to think that so much success can come from this evolving digital space and beyond all of that…I freaking LOVE all of her stuff (and her hair…my goodness, her hair). PPS- Did I mention she has a line for kids? Don’t even get me started.  PS, dying over this sweatshirt. SO GOOD.  How often is TOO often to wear one of these? Consider this your intro to Bing (if you already knew all of this, SORRY!) and stay tuned for my upcoming post on how to style the t’s in a bunch of different ways!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

*I’ve linked a few of my favorites for you at multiple retailers since her stuff tends to sell out fast!

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