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Happy Monday!  Did you guys have a good weekend?  Austin and I wanted to change it up for our date night and tried the RB Inn for dinner and drinks!  We sat on their veranda, overlooking the golf coarse and listened to live music!  Sometimes it’s so nice to get out of your routine and trust me, if there’s anything Austin and I do best, it’s get into a restaurant rut, lol.  We RARELY venture beyond our “go-to’s”.   I am so boring when it comes to food and could literally eat (and usually do) the same thing every single day.  #boring #creatureofhabit

I decided to use today’s post to answer some of the common questions I get via my Instagram DM’s/comments.  You guys are pretty like minded so usually I get repeat questions that I’m always happy to answer!  However, sometimes my DM’s get out of control and although I really try my best to answer every comment/question on Instagram, sometimes with everything going on, I fall short.  If that’s the case, hopefully I can answer your question here today (or ALWAYS feel free to ask again!).  What I love best about this space is interacting with you guys so please don’t hesitate to ask away!


Can you link your gold initial necklace? This is my necklace– I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  I first got a C initial and then added a G after I had Griffin.  I never take it off.

What coffee machine do you use? This is our espresso machine! We also use this frother to make latte’s. I make at least one per day.

Can you link your beaded bracelets? My bracelets are custom from my best friend!  She makes the most creative designs and has so many colors, charms and personalization to choose from. You can find her on Instagram at @thebutterflysocial.

Did you get a new handbag? I did!  EEEK.  I love it so much.  It was a very special Birthday gift I think I’ll have forever!  I do plan on doing a review of it soon but I’ll link it here if you want to check it out!

What program do you do with BBG/What is your workout routine/ What is BBG? I started with BBG 1.0 (the beginner one) and am now on BBG 3.0. 31 weeks straight! All other BBG questions can be answered in these two posts: BBG Review, Before and After: 6 months with BBG

Can you link your tortoise sunglasses? Ugh, so mine are no longer sold online (the Old Celine Havana’s)!  Here is a very similar pair though.

Where can I get that white blazer you posted about? This is the white blazer!  One of the greatest pieces I have ever purchased!  I have it in black too. The price is so good.

How old are you? I just turned 38.

Is the Peloton worth it? Read my Peloton review here!  But to answer your question, YES but only IF you’re going to be disciplined enough to use it.

Do you guys want more kids? We are very happy with two kids right now.

If you could buy any handbag right now, which would it be? Ahhh this is SUCH a hard question.  If budget was NOT a question, something Chanel all the way. I’m also in love with this YSL tote and this Dior tote.

Ok!  If you asked in the question box via stories last night, and it didn’t make it on this post, I’ll add it to my next one or you can send me a DM!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo



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