What I Bought for my Kids on the 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I ALWAYS shop for my kids on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  It’s just such a great time to stock up on stuff for them at a discount.  Year after year, I snag the same things and I’ll share those with you today!  To be honest, I was going to hold off on even posting this out of fear that you guys had had enough of the Nsale coverage but when polled, over 90% of you said you’d want to see a post on kids stuff so here we go!

My strategy for the kids is similar to the one I use for myself- I focus on basics, shoes and outerwear.  Then if I find a few “fun” things, I’ll add those in too if my budget allows for it.  I don’t go crazy with the clothing because to be honest, I think the Cat and Jack line at Target is awesome.  Plus with those prices, I don’t feel bad if something gets stained, ripped or grown out of in a month! We are getting out of the “gear” stage now that Griffin is almost 2 (except I still want that dang wagon, lol).  But I do want to share that the car seat we used for both kids (and in the Grandparents cars) are part of the sale! We love this car seat so much because it’s easy to install and easy to clean.  You just unzip the outer liner and throw it in the wash and you’re good to go!  We learned this after a few bouts of car sickness with little Griffin, ugh. So here is what else I grabbed for the kiddos…

Jackets: Without fail, the first thing I snag is a jacket for the kids.  They grow out of them so fast so I hate paying full price.  Typically I snag a North Face or Patagonia fleece.  We’ve gotten this one in the past and it has been great and bonus- the grey color was handed down to Griffin.  Coco got this vest last year on the sale and she ended up wearing it ALL the time.

Uggs:  I realize it sounds crazy, but both of my kids wear Ugg boots a lot in the Winter.  I could NOT resist these sparkly ones for Coco! We opted for these Ugg sneakers for Griffin because he’s a runner and we thought they’d be a little more stable, lol.

Shoes:  My Mom took Coco back to school shopping and got her these princess shoes.  Even though they look impractical, they are actually the BEST shoe she’s ever worn.  We are on our 5th pair and I will be so sad on the day she grows out of this brand. You can literally wash them with soap and water if they get dirty. She wears them for both “dressy” and casual days! For her athletic shoes, she got these and I love the combo of floral and black.  My Mom also let her pick out a fun shoe and she chose these sparkly high tops and I have to say- they are SO cute on!

For Fun:  I couldn’t resist this dino zip t-shirt for Griffin and we love these easy dresses for Coco!  They come in a bunch of different patterns and she wears them with leggings in the cooler temps.

Gifts:  If I have a shower or baby gift to get, I can’t resist these cute towels.  This unicorn one is to die for and these bows were a favorite when Coco was a baby and are great to add onto a gift!

Did you find anything for the kiddos in your life on the Nsale? If so, I’d love to know! As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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