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Happy Monday! To answer some of the common hair questions I get, I decided to do a blog post on this topic!  First, I recently switched stylists. There was no particular reason except that I was ready to change it up.  I wasn’t unhappy with my current stylist (far from it), but you know how sometimes you just need a change?! I actually still feel guilty because I haven’t told my previous stylist yet.  Why does switching hair stylists always feel like a break up?!

My spin instructor at Soul Cycle RAVED about her stylist and her hair is bananas (in a good way).  She recently went lighter and I decided to try her girl out and color my hair for the first time in years.  I wanted some dimension and felt like my hair seemed a little boring (to me).  I love the look of dark hair on women (like Kyle Richards, my #hairgoalz idol) and figured I could always change it back to my natural color if I got sick of it being lighter. And it’s Summer so YOLO, right? Anyway, I made the switch and tried someone new and am SO HAPPY!  It is a risk to switch it up, right?! Like it is not a guarantee that you’ll align with your new stylist! I went Cheng at Koda Salon in La Jolla and she is SO AMAZING.  So talented. And so sweet. And I left a very happy customer! So I didn’t know what to ask her to be honest- I just came in with two photos of the cut and color I saw on Pinterest.  I highly recommend doing the same- this gives the stylist a good idea of exactly what you want without having to verbalize it.  I loved how honest Cheng was about one of the photos- she mentioned it would be too blond and aggressive for my skin tone which I really appreciated.  We went with the less blond photo (which was still a huge change in color) and I’m so glad we did.  It was important to me that my cut and color would naturally grow out since getting to the hair salon is not easy with the kids!

Color:  Cheng did a combination of babylights and teasey highlights to brighten up the color.  She wanted a neutral blonde.  Not too ashy, not too golden and something that would compliment my skin tone.  These are her words, not mine!

Cut:  Cheng did a slightly a-line cut with lots of shaggy layers for texture.

How I Style: part down the center and throw it into a ponytail, lol.  Ok but for the other 20% of the time that I “do” my hair, I dry it at night with this dryer (nothing fancy here, folks) and then curl it away from my face with this curling iron.  I’ve heard amazing things about this dryer if you do more of a blow out. I’m super tempted to get one.  I use this texturizing spray before I curl it to create texture and separation in the curls.  Honestly, I love this product so much!  Two additional life changing things everyone needs:  this hair towel (makes drying your hair go a lot faster) and this brush (so easy to brush your hair while wet!).

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