What Beauty Favorites I’m Re-buying on the Nsale 2019

I wanted to share with you guys the beauty products I’ll be restocking thanks to the awesome deals on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  As a major sale shopper, I love to take advantage of beauty deals since those products rarely (if ever) get marked down.  Here’s what I love and will be stocking up on this year thanks to the awesome deals. These are all tried and true items I’ve tested and love myself! What I’m trying to say here is this is not just a grouping of random stuff.  These are products I stand behind.  I totally get that the Nsale can become…a lot. Of stuff.  And pressure to buy buy buy.  My goal is to share with you here things that work for me in the hopes that they may work for you and/or inspire you in some way!  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit– ($60 for $78 value) If you’ve been following along for a while, this lip cheat liner is my all time favorite liner. Head to my Beauty highlights on Instagram for more on WHY I love this so much but in a nutshell, this is a HAIR darker than your natural lip color so you can “cheat” and outline just outside of your lip line to create a full, pouty lip.  I like to fill my entire lip in with the pencil for a gorgeous natural color.  Sometimes I’ll just put chapstick on top of that but with this kit, I’ll add the lipstick (these lipstick formulas are really high quality) and the gloss.  Or you could also use any of them as stand alone products.  Honestly, I LOVE that they created this kit for the sale. This kit is a .

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream– ($75 for $102 value) This magic cream is just that- magic!  I am not replenishing my cream right now but wanted to share this set because I’m a huge fan of the cream.  With my eczema being so out of control right now, I’m holding off on masks (and opted to purchase the La Mer set below) but wanted to share in case you were in the market for new moisturizer.

St. Tropez Self Tanner– ($49 for $88 value) Before I found these self tanning wipes, the St. Tropez self tanner was what I used.  I applied it with this mitt and loved the natural color and mild scent!  I am still a HUGE fan of this product and it is MUCH more economical than the wipes.  With it being Summer, I’ll use the wipes because they give a VERY dark color but year round, the St. Tropez will be and always is my go-to!

Khiehls Creme De Corps Lotion– ($49 for $96 value) When I worked at Neiman Marcus, this product had a cult following among the employees.  It is SUPER rich and hydrating and has a really mild scent.  I’ve also gotten Austin hooked on it.  We both use this as our everyday body lotion.

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body– ($85 for $214 value- WHOA) I feel like I can’t stop raving about this product.  Are you sick of hearing about it yet?! This is not a self tanner but something you use to make your body look FLAWLESS.  Before going out (or going to the pool or beach), I use this on my legs, arms and chest. It gives a glow (not color) and doesn’t transfer to clothing.  It is not glittery but does have a subtle shimmer effect.  It is really like wearing an Instagram filter on your body!

La Mer Mini Miracles Set– ($90 for $120 value) I’ve always had a love of this product. I wish it wasn’t so freaking expensive.  In case you didn’t know the story behind the brand, it was created by a aerospace physicist to treat severe burns he got in an accident while working in his lab.  He created a healing broth out of sea kelp and La Mer was born.  I really only buy La Mer when there is some sort of “deal” like this.  I’ve been out for a while now and am HOPING it helps my eczema.

Oribe Stying Set– ($61 for $92 value) You can head to my Beauty highlights on Instagram to see an “after” of me using these products and the VOLUME it creates in my hair.  This is by FAR the best dry shampoo and texturizer I have ever used.  My hair tends to go limp and loose some luster shortly after I style it.  These products help prevent that and keep my hair looking fab.  Also, they smell divine.

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