Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide- Everything You Need to Know

Peplum Top (wearing XS)/ Jeans/ Bag/ Sunglasses

It’s ALMOST here. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  My favorite sale of the YEAR! I love being your main resource for this sale and can’t wait to help you navigate it!  WHY is this sale so great?  First, Nordstrom is the only retailer that marks NEW merchandise down for the upcoming Season.  So essentially, you’ll get fresh, Fall merchandise on sale where typically when retailers mark down their goods, it’s the END of the Season…so whatever didn’t sell get’s put on the sale rack to move it out of the store quicker.

The markdowns are GOOD too.  No 10% off BS.  These markdowns typically hit the 20-40% mark making the sale really worth shopping.  Nordstrom also throws their “top sellers” into the mix- like Barefoot Dreams cardigans, Live in Leggings and Hanky Panky underwear.  After the sale is over (August 5th), Nordstrom puts the prices back up.  I’ll be shopping the sale early so I can share with you here, on Instagram and on my stories what I’m loving, how things fit and what is worth buying. It’s my job to break things down for you so it’s EASY to shop because I know it gets overwhelming navigating the site. You can browse the catalogue and start getting inspired here!

How I Shop The Sale:

I can share with you what I kept last year and what is STILL going strong this year for me from the sale:  cardigans, camisoles and long sleeve t-shirts (so essentially basics) were what I purchased clothing wise.  But really, I use this sale to stock up on underwear, pajamas, gifts (yes I snag a few Christmas gifts) and shoes for my kids.  I restock my beauty staples ONLY if the gift set makes sense. I’ve splurged on a Patagonia or North Face vest twice in the last few years on this sale (and STILL wear them!).  I’ve bought boots and sneakers in the past as well…it just kind of depends on the year and what my wardrobe needs are. My post from last year details some of my favorites from 2018! I still wear that striped shirt ALL the time.  And am still mad I didn’t buy the grey Barefoot Dreams cardigan before it sold out! Trust me, I won’t be making that mistake this year.

Dates To Know: 

Friday July 12th: Nordstrom cardholders can shop at 12:30PM EST.  I will have a blog post up at that point to help you shop the sale!

Thursday July 18th:  Last day of early access shopping.

Friday July 19th: Sale opens to the public.

Sunday August 4th:  Last day of the sale- prices go back up on the 5th.

How to be a Part of Early Access:

In order to shop on the 12th, you must be a Nordstrom cardholder. You can do that here if you’re interested.  The benefit of having the card is being able to shop items that will inevitably sell out.  I wish I could tell you things get restocked for Public Access but in the years of covering this sale, I’ve seen many things not be restocked once they’ve sold out.  I would LOVE it if that was different this year though! Also, in the past, you could access the sale with your Nordstrom card but check out with another form of payment (like a debit card or an AMEX).  From what I am told, this is not the case this year and you must also make your purchase with your Nordstrom card.

I’m so excited to shop this sale with you and can’t wait to share more on Friday!  What will you be shopping for?  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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