Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- 5 Undergarments I Stock Up on Every Year

Not the most exciting post but certainly a necessary one, am I right? It’s no secret that shopping for underwear and Spanx is not nearly as exciting for shopping for say…a fabulous pair of heels or the perfect graphic t-shirt.  But we all need to freshen up our underwear collection every now and again and nothing irritates me more than spending full price on some bras.  They’re so expensive- it’s truly outrageous! Just like patio furniture, lol. So I always stock up on these 5 items at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Similar to my beauty post, these are my tried and true OG underwear that I SWEAR by.  In fact, just to prove it, I will provide exhibit A where I discuss these items in this post from 2018. So let’s break it down again, ok?

Underwear For All Day, Everyday– these panties (worst word) are WHERE IT IS AT LADIES.  I literally have like 20 pairs. They are SO comfortable, one size fits all and guess what? These are the best you’re going to get under leggings without wearing the dreaded thong.  I am so over thongs, I can’t even begin to describe it to you.  Seriously, though, there are no visible panty lines in your lululemons with these which is truly a miracle in my opinion.  I also wore them pregnant and they were the only underwear comfortable enough to fit under my gigantic belly without digging into it.

The Best Bra– Besides my strapless bra, these are the only bras I wear.  They’re comfortable and perfect under t-shirts and other fabrics like silk or lace! The underwire doesn’t dig in and I love that they come in a bunch of pretty colors.

Comfy Daytime Bra– TBH, with all of the changes I’ve encountered in the last 5 years in this department (pregnancy and nursing), I generally like to wear a sports bra type bra during the day. I just find them so much more comfortable than an underwire bra.  I discovered this bra which is ideal for low impact exercises and usually wear them daily!  I like that the straps don’t show under a t-shirt because it’s not a racer back.

Spanx– Sorry, but everyone needs a pair. I don’t stock up on this annually but I do have two pairs (nude and black) and find that I always wear them for special occasions.  I love how smooth they make everything look under clothing and I promise they’re not THAT uncomfortable.  Let’s just say the good outweighs the bad here, ok?

Thong– Ugh.  Hate them.  But when I MUST wear them, these are the ONLY one’s I wear.  Oprah swears by them too in case you were wondering!

I hope this post helps you in the underwear department!  I plan on getting professionally fitted again when I stop nursing Griffin in 2023.  KIDDING! For real though, at that point I fully expect them to look like #rocksinsocks.  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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