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Hi guys!  Cheers to the weekend (almost).  I hope you all had an awesome week! Our week was really busy and all thing Summer.  Multiple play dates with friends, pool days and lots of outdoor play time (when it wasn’t so hot).  I wish you could have seen my house yesterday.  Wet bathing suits, laundry piling up and toys everywhere.  As much as I have been really good about embracing the chaos of Summer, yesterday my skin began to crawl and I had to run around and freakishly clean for a while to get my head right again.

This may come as a surprise to you (doubtful), but I have a really hard time focusing when there are messes everywhere around me so I had to take some time to get it together.  I read once that cleaning with kids around is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos and honestly, that really resonated with me, lol. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work on a really special project today.  I’ll be filming a piece on trends in athletic wear for a new workout app that is launching in the Fall (more to come on this soon!).  Also, my Birthday is Saturday so we have some fun things planed over the next week to celebrate.  I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

What I Bought:

Brixton Hat– I spotted my favorite straw hat (under $50) in another color and just love it.  If you take a brief scroll through my Instagram feed, you’ll see me wearing mine about 100 times.  Definitely a Summer/vacation staple and I found that it packed very well for our Florida trip.

Biker Shorts– I ordered two pairs of biker shorts this week from my fave athleisure brands and will report back on what I think!  I have the legging version of both pairs so I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!

Anine Bing T-Shirt– One of these was on my wish list for a while now and my step-Dad (who has a great appreciation for fashion btw), got me this one for my bday and I LOVE it.  The price tag is steep in my opinion but the fabric is really beautiful.  I’m so excited to style it- the fit is a bit boxy and oversized so I see myself wearing it in so many different ways…with leggings and my Golden Goose to drop off and knotted over a pleated mini skirt for date night.  I got an XS and also loved this cream colored one! These sell out super fast when they become stocked and sizes are already limited in mine but I’ll let you know if they get restocked.

For The Kids: Kinetic Sand. So I caved and got the kids each a kinetic sand kit.  Nothing could be worse than the water beads, right? Well I have to say, this was a GOOD decision and a great to for each of them.  Literally they have both spent HOURS playing together and separately with each kit. Griffin loves for me to hide dinosaur bones in his sand to dig up (we also put his play dump truck and digger in the sand to play) and Coco makes cakes with hers and takes her Barbie’s to the beach.  I will say, in one session of 1/2 supervised play, Griffin thought it was fun for the digger to toss the sand all over the place so yes, there is a lot of clean up.  But I only let them play with these outside and per usual, my wet vac saves the day with the messes!

For ALL women: A new bra.  So my Mom and I were shopping last week and she was the second person to tell me about this amazingly supportive bra with no underwire (the first was my friend Kali from In Spades Blog).  So naturally, I had to know more.  I’ll share more on these in an upcoming blog post but had to share them asap in case you were in the market! I’ve worn them all week and really love them! BTW- they are on the Nsale!

For the Heat: Amazon Mumu Dress.  L-I-V-I-N-G in my mumu dress. You can’t beat the $20 price tag and you can knot it at the bottom or wear it loose!  Mine is my around the house/errand/self tanning day/bloaty day dress and I’m pretty obsessed.

On my B-Day Wish List: Let me start by saying I got a BIG surprise for my b-day already.  I got a handbag that I can’t wait to share with you! One other item I’ve been totally lusting over are these sandals.  A total splurge but MAN, I love them.

In My Cart: This bug contraption.  Last night I had to deal with two GIANT spiders in my house.  I had to get on a step stool to get one in Coco’s room which she obviously noticed right as I was putting her to bed.  The only reasonable option was to get out my vacuum and use the attachment to suck it up.  Which I then got paranoid that it would crawl out so I had to haul the vacuum out to the garage.  I seriously debated taping the end of the wand thing so that they couldn’t crawl out.  These things only happen when Austin has a work dinner of course. I hate that the heat brings the critters out.  I have the willies just thinking about it…any suggestions on how to repel them?

Reading Material:  Loved this post from Merritt.  It’s everything I’ve been trying to communicate about the LTK app but she says it (and shows you HOW) WAY better!

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