Amazon Favorites and How to Shop Amazon Prime Day 2019

I mean…the sales this week are bananas, no?  First Nordstrom and now Amazon Prime Day!  I thought I’d share my Amazon favorites with you and what I intend on purchasing IF I find them on sale.  To me, Prime Day is a great excuse to purchase something BIG you’ve had your eye on but haven’t really NEEDED to pull the trigger on.  Like an Instant Pot.  Or Vita Mix (strongly considering- SOMEONE TALK ME OUT OF THIS!). Or a Nespresso machine (literally my most asked about item ever). Or a bounce house (Austin veto’d this yesterday but man, this would really tire the kids out!).

Here is the Prime Day scoop:

Prime Day is 7/15-7/16.  It starts at 12AM PST on the 15th.  Everything on the sale is a SURPRISE and for a limited amount of time. Anything on Prime Day will have a blue badge.  

So here are my totally random Amazon obsessions:

Coffee Table Books– You can get pretty much ANY book on Amazon.  And their collection of coffee table books is great.  I’ve built my collection over the last few years and have rounded it it out with a bunch from Amazon!

Car Seat– We got these on Prime Day last year and LOVE them.  After YEARS of not even attempting to install our car seats because they were essentially spaceships, I can say with confidence that I’ll install this into any car any day! We got one for each car and love that they transition into a traditional backless booster once the child is old enough.

Wet/Dry Vac– OMG I WOULD DIE WITHOUT THIS.  Literally I vacuum 12039373 puffs (and Lord knows what else) out of my car daily with it. It has saved me from kinetic sand, play doh and water bead disasters as well. GET THIS.

Dust Buster– We had one of these when I was growing up and frankly, I’m not sure how I survived my early adult years without it.  Two kids and a dog = crumbs and shit everywhere.  This helps!

Nespresso Machine– The most used kitchen gadget in our house.  And most asked about on my blog…I make a daily latte and it is a part of my day that I really enjoy and look forward to.  I’ve owned one of these for about 8 years now and just love it so much.  Some will come with the milk frother which is essential.

Packing Cubes– I got these for our Florida trip and they were life changing.  As a total type A freak, I really enjoyed the THRILL of everything being in it’s own compartment!

Makeup Case– This is for travel but a lot of people use it to store their makeup at home.  The littler compartments can easily be changed to accommodate the unique sizes of your beauty products. I loved taking it to Florida with us because for once, I could fit all of my skincare, makeup and brushes all in one place.

Sunglass Organizer– We had sunglasses and cases everywhere and it was giving me hives.  This easily fits 8 pairs of sunglasses and keeps them nice, neat and protected!

Splat Mat– SO many of you guys purchased this after I posted about it!  We keep one under our high chair for obvious reasons and another we use for arts and crafts.  I’ll take it outside and lay it on the grass for the kids to paint on or put it on our kitchen table for them to do play doh on! We love it because you can throw it in the wash and it folds up and stores easily!

Heart Sunnies– These are just plain FUN.  And really inexpensive!

Play House Both of my kids have LOVED this!  And we love how it LOOKS too.

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