38 Fun Facts to Celebrate turning 38

Bodysuit: size 6 (runs small)/ Skirt (sold out), similar here, here and here/ Sunglasses/ Shoes, similar here/ Handbag

A few days late but nonetheless, I wanted to share the outfit I wore to my Birthday dinner with Austin last week!  We celebrated early since we had a sitter lined up and went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Market in Del Mar!  Each time I go there, I love it even more.  I wore this leopard print midi skirt which sold out but I did link some similar ones for you guys below!  I paired it with this $25 bodysuit which I am SO LOVING at the moment and can’t WAIT to wear with jeans or cutoffs!  It also comes in white and red! Pretty sure this is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn!  I turned 38 Saturday and since I have so many new faces around here, I thought I’d share 38 unique facts about me-  since this seems really ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEE for a post, I’m going to keep it as light hearted as possible!  Thank you for all of the sweet Birthday wishes and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

  1. I LOVE hot sauce.  Sriracha, Tapatio and Cholula are my jam.
  2. I have 3 half brothers and a half sister.  I’m the youngest by 8 years.
  3. My home state is Michigan.  #puremichigan
  4. I’m a Spartan- Go Green!
  5. The only sport I played in high school was volleyball
  6. Colette’s middle name is Olivia which was almost her first name!  We didn’t decide until the day after she was born that it would be Colette Olivia and not Olivia Colette.
  7. I’m a total germaphobe.
  8. Colette is named after a girl I danced with growing up.  I’ve loved the name ever since I met her.
  9. I have an intense fear of flying. And the stomach flu.
  10. Nothing makes my skin crawl like the sound of marker on paper.  UGH I can’t even type it out!!!!!
  11. The most amazing place I’ve ever traveled to was Italy- specifically Capri.  I’d love to go back!
  12. I still have yet to leave our kids overnight- will I ever be ready?! lol…probably not. Italy can wait or we could bring them!
  13. I’m a pescatarian that eats the occasional burger or steak.  I went 10 years without red meat and craved it so much when I got pregnant with Griffin.
  14. I danced ballet for 16 years starting at age 5.
  15. Organization and order make me really happy.
  16. Austin and I met working for Pulte Homes while selling real estate in 2004.
  17. I was a pharmaceutical sales rep for 10 years following my stint in real estate.
  18. My bed is made every. single. day.
  19. I’m a HUGE Housewives fan.  NY and BH are my faves!
  20. Secretly, I love to read books about politics. But you’ll rarely hear me discuss them. And all things Emily Giffin- that I will discuss!
  21. I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life.
  22. Going from one to two kids was SO much easier for me than going from zero kids to one.
  23. I’m a huge fan of swimming.
  24. I lived in Chicago for 6 years before moving to California.
  25. Austin converted me into a huge country music fan.
  26. I love a Napa Cabernet and am not a champagne fan.
  27. Cooking is something I tend to avoid.
  28. I would LOVE a double ear piercing.
  29. I’d prefer a pool to the beach any day.
  30. My manicures are all done by me!
  31. Pizza is my favorite food- except for Chicago style.  I can’t with that. And I LOVE to dip it in ranch.
  32. My favorite dessert is a Dairy Queen blizzard- Heath Bar!  We even had them at our wedding.
  33. Editing photos is something I really enjoy!
  34. One of my least favorite stores to go to is Costco.  So overwhelming.
  35. I haven’t been able to wear perfume since being pregnant with Coco.  My super sensitive sense of smell never went back to normal!
  36. Working out consistently has been such a positive change in my life.
  37. I only really enjoy rom com’s or comedy movies.  I’ll pass on the sad, dark, deep movies.  They stick with me too long.  I still remember watching a movie as a child where a person with leprosy was on a roof during a tsunami and you knew he wasn’t going to make it.  Still haunts me, lol.
  38. I’ve always been an early riser and rarely go to bed past 10.

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