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So this post quickly popped into my “top blog posts” after last Friday so obviously you guys like the casual conversation type format just as much as I do!  Yay!  Happy Friday!  So where to begin?  COCO TURNS 5 SUNDAY! Holy Moly.  I can’t even believe it.  Her party is Saturday and it’s a princess theme. And we have a special guest arriving that is a surprise.  I literally can’t WAIT to see her face.  Do you guys want party details? Let me know!  This week seemed really busy- or maybe it’s just that two kids home for most of the day is wild and getting ANYTHING done seems like a huge accomplishment.

I’m trying to do more “trying on” on my insta stories.  Even though I CRINGE when I watch myself, I’ve gotten feedback from you guys that it really helps to see the fit, fabric and overall “look” of an item.  And I agree…providing video content gives you so much more insight into the product than one tiny Instagram photo ever could so I’m committing to sharing more there.  Other than Coco’s party, we have a date night planned for the weekend and plan on working on some projects around the house (it never ends, right?! lol) in addition to sharing tons of content about LTK DAY! I’m so excited for this you guys and have shared more details below.  As always, thank you SO much for following along! xo


  • Halfsies Cookies– OMG I finally got my hands on a sampler pack of these cookies that are literally breaking the Internet.  They drop weekdays at 12PM and sell out in SECONDS.  The owner was gracious enough to send me a pack to try after she heard me whining about how I tried to get them and couldn’t on my insta stories and WOW.  I will CERTAINLY be ordering these again. My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter and man, when you pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds your life will literally change. Also, I just noticed that they have a cookie stuffed with a Samoa cookie in them.  Dead!
  • Recent Purchases: Austin and I have been working on our outdoor spaces…he does most of the grunt labor like mulching, dealing with our landscapers and painstakingly putting 1000’s of rocks down in our front yard while I do more of the cleaning and decorating part.  We want to do SO much with our outdoor space but since this is not our forever home, we are trying to make decisions on where to spend and where to save (like choosing to not paint our exterior despite me wanting to SO bad).  I recently found this rug marked down at Target and LOVE how it brought our little sitting area together.  I will try to share details on this space here soon but in the meantime, ALL of our furniture and our rug are major sale so I had to share!  I tried the 7 x 10 ($100) and ended up keeping the 5 x 7.  Just picture me wheeling those two rugs through Target with both kids…
  • Jeans– My most asked questions via Instagram this week were on my jeans.  These are my white ones (I distressed the bottom hem myself) and the Joe’s jeans I was wearing in my stories are no longer available (ugh, I’ll let you know if that changes!).  You can find a similar pair here and here.
  • Bracelets– My bestie recently shared that in her downtime from her full time job and being a Mom to two little ones, she took up a hobby of making her own beaded bracelets.  She had bought some for herself and was disappointed with the quality of the beads so decided to just learn how to make her own…and that pretty much sums up her personality. If something needs to be done or done better, she will just go after it.  She showed me a photo of her stack and I was so impressed and WANTED THEM ALL. Some were flourescent, some were personalized (the cutest gift idea) and obvi love the classic gold ones!  You can find her and place orders through her Instagram account.
  • So inspired by the decor in this home– the texture, the exposed brick, the oak…the WHITE!  I was watching Andrea’s stories (from the fab Van De Vort boutique) and she was at this gorge home last weekend!  I immediately joked with her that I needed a full home tour and she sent me the link! Now I need to copy it all.
  • LTK DAY: This Sunday is the first LTK Day!  This means that a handful of fantastic retailers will be giving exclusive discount codes for Sunday to those who shop on the LTK app.  The ONLY thing you need to do to take advantage of the sales is to download the app!  Click on the video below and see how easy it is.  Honestly, it is the best way to shop.  Make sure to follow me there (karalovescoco) for lots of exclusive content too!
  • On My Wish List: This tie dye t-shirt is in my shopping cart and I’m swooning over this chic trench coat!  I don’t have anything like it and think it’s so classic (and such a great price!)


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