Your Top 5 From April

I am so excited that it’s May!  May means warmer temps, the end of the school year approaching…SUMMER with my family.  We’re still coming off of our Florida vacation high but spent the weekend catching up (my Dad left last week) on things around the house and spending time outdoors!  Austin took Coco golfing which is their new thing (the cutest, right?!) and we had a date night on Sunday which was so nice!  Even though we’ve been AROUND each other a lot lately, with two kids, family visiting and his travel schedule for work, we really needed to sit down and catch up- with wine of course!  I opted out of Soul Cycle Saturday so I could get all of my BBG workouts in for the week but can’t wait to get back on the bike very soon.

As requested, each month I share the top 5 items on my blog and Instagram from the previous month.  You can check out last months top picks here. These are the most PURCHASED items from my social media channels which in turn is a good indicator to me of what types of things you guys like to see here. Because let’s be honest- I aim to please and inspire all of you!  Be it clothes, accessories or home decor, I hope you leave here feeling that. As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Amazon Maxi Dress– (have size S) A TON of you purchased this dress.  And in full transparency, it is pretty amazing on! I’m 5’4 and ALWAYS have to get maxi dresses hemmed- not this one! The colors are beautiful and the price point is too good to be true.  The one downside is there are a LOT of little buttons that do not arrive buttoned- so button those before you get your nails done! This is a Summer/Vacation all the things must have dress.

Black Sarong– (have size S) I have a few sarongs that I love- this short one is a favorite and this longer one goes great over any bathing suit!  I’ve mentioned before that I love feeling a LITTLE covered up at the pool when I’m walking around.  This will allow just that!  To me, this is a wardrobe/vacation/beach and pool day staple!

TKEES Sandals–  (size 7.5, run tts) I feel like I’ve praised these here before but let’s dig in again.  Angelina and Lauren Conrad started the cult following of these about 8-10 years ago (rough guess).  The are simple, neutral and COMFORTABLE.  They’re made to match your skin tone (and come in a BUNCH of colors) but I always have a pair of black and nude on hand to throw on.  I finally bought my second pair of nude ones after 4 years so they last! Found them here for 25% off if you buy two or more pairs of shoes and here in the prettiest gold color if you want to branch out from nude or black.

Denim Shorts–  (have size 26) For the 2nd month in a row! I’ve talked about these a lot but now that I’ve had a chance to bring them on vacation and wear them non stop, I can REALLY say, they’re the best.  Flattering and comfortable and so cute with just a simple t-shirt or over your bathing suit!

Open front Blazer– (have an xs) Currently 25% off and this was a top pick for the 2nd month in a row! You guys went bananas over this one (as did I).  I know it’s still not super warm in some areas of the country and THIS is such a perfect transitional piece!  Not to mention, just fabulous year round!



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