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I admit it.  I LOVE buying/having new sneakers.  Something about the fresh colors and ZERO scuffs just gets me every time.  I shared on my stories a few weeks ago that my reward to myself for working out 18 weeks in a row 5-6 days each week were these colorful sneakers!  It felt great to treat myself and MAN, let me tell you…I love them.  Like LOVE them.  And I’m really picky about sneakers.  I ended up getting a lot of questions about them- and understandably so since they’re on the expensive side in my opinion so I thought I’d do a review of my favorite sneakers (3 of which I’ve used for almost 2 years) for you here!

*For size reference, I am a true 7.5

Nike Air Max 270- Size 8

So these are my NEW BEAUTIES!  The color combination is SO fun.  I had a really difficult time deciding which color because there are so many great combos but ultimately I decided to go out of my neutral comfort zone and do something fun and bright for a change! I wear these for walking, as athleisure shoes and I do my BBG workouts in them which is basically cross training (think jumping, lunging, burpees and step ups).  They feel very stable and supportive on my feet and if I were still running, I think these would be great.

Adidas Swift Run- Size 7

These are my old faithful athleisure shoes. They’re VERY comfortable but not supportive enough (in my opinion) to do an intense workout in.  I wear them to travel, run errands and just do general day to day stuff.  The black is perfect for HOW I wear them because they show ZERO dirt, stains or scuffs!  The sizing of Adidas is irritating to me but I am really glad I have these shoes and wear them all the time.  Not ideal for a run (and even found that on long walks in Florida they weren’t great…like a 45 minute walk though…anything less would be fine!) but they sure are cute.

Hoka One One Clifton 5 Knit- Size 7.5

My Mom treated me to these when I signed up for the Komen 3 Day walk!  Even though I was a 1 day walker, I was still walking 20 miles in that one day so we both agreed that I needed to get a real running/walking shoe and have it fitted professionally.  These have a cult following- runners SWEAR by them comfort wise and the hype is real.  They are like walking on clouds…my girlfriend and fellow walker says they look like moon shoes (they do!) but they are LEGIT for serious walks and runs.

Nike Free TR 8- Size 8

I had to keep these in here because even though mine are a bit older, I still really love them.  They feel like you’re wearing nothing on your feet because of how light they are!  They’re perfect for running around and I was doing my BBG workouts in them before I got the 270’s.  They are so comfortable.

What is your go-to sneaker?! I’d love to know and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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