Florida Outfit Round Up

Top here, here and here/Bottom/ Hat/ Sunglasses/ Sarong

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day! Ours was busy but productive!  We tackled some projects at the house (if you can believe it, I still have two boxes to unpack from our move!), went to dinner with new friends and I met my Mom for our favorite coffee on Sunday.  I also got back to Soul Cycle after 3 weeks off- which is WAY too long to be away in my opinion.  We’re slowly planning out our Summer- scheduling camps, swim lessons and weekends away is no easy feat.  I feel like instead of going camp crazy for Coco, I want to sign her up for a few that she’ll love and spend the rest of the Summer at the pool, enjoying the backyard and just allowing her to enjoy her time.  I may totally regret this decision, lol but my girlfriend and I were talking last week about how over-scheduled we tend to get.  She brought up a great point from a book she read about how kids no longer know how to be bored!  Growing up I remember being bored…but also playing a LOT.  ALONE.  Here’s to boredom and hoping it creates hours of imaginary play, ha!

So in an effort to catch up on my DM’s (so behind, sorry!) and answer a bunch of your Florida questions, I decided to round up all of my pics/outfits for you here.  That way it’s really easy to visually see everything and shop!  Do you have any trips coming up this Summer?  As always, thank you so much for following along! xo

Sunglasses/ One Piece/ Sandals

Sunglasses/ Dress/ Similar Earrings/ Similar Sandals/ Bag

Sunglasses/ Hat/ Top/ Similar Bottom

Hat/ Bathing Suit

Similar Tank/ Shorts/ Necklace 1 and 2

Sunglasses/ Necklace 1 and 2/ Jumpsuit/ Sandals

Hat/ Sunglasses/ Top/ Bottoms/ Bottoms that go with the suit

Hat/Sunglasses/ Sandals/ Coverup

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