3 Vacation Beauty Must Haves and a $19 Makeup Holder

So I bit the bullet and bought this $19 makeup holder everyone is raving about.  I got it because I had yet to find a travel case that could hold my makeup, brushes and skincare and frankly, it was annoying packing a bunch of separate cosmetic cases…not that I travel a lot but for someone who really geeks out on organization and order, this was always bugging me when we did travel.  I figured that even if I hated it, $19 wouldn’t break the bank and it was worth a shot.  Now I totally understand what all of the hype is about!  I could easily pack all of my makeup, brushes and skincare in it (the compartments are adjustable) PLUS when I arrived, I could set it up (kind of like you see in this photo).  Meaning that I could stand up my creams, lotions and makeup so that they were easy to reach and tidy while staying as a guest in someone else’s home.  Tip: I packed all liquids (face wash, moisturizer, and body creams) into zip lock bags to prevents spills in the case during travel. Speaking of lotions and creams, I had to share 3 hero items from our vacation with you guys!

Super Model Body Cream– THIS IS SO AMAZING.  I shared this product on my stories a LONG time ago but man, it really had a chance to shine on vacation. I had some color on our trip (thanks to a spray tan) but when we would go out to dinner in the evenings, I would apply this to my legs, arms, chest and literally just GLOW like J Lo. Rumor has it, they use this product on the models at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  It isn’t glittery but gives a beautiful, healthy, luminescent look to your skin.  It hides imperfections (stretch marks, varicose veins) and overall makes your skin look S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.  I will NEVER wear bare legs without it again.  Oh, and it isn’t greasy and doesn’t transfer to clothes or sheets!

Super Goop Self Tanner– For starters, I try to stay sun safe but I love having color.  Like I said, I got a spray tan before our vacation but with all of the pool and beach time, by the end of our trip it started to fade a bit.  Enter this genius invention…a self tanner with a built in sunscreen!  I loved the texture of this and appreciated that I was keeping my “color” while staying safe in the sun.  The color was natural and it was easy to apply too!

Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen–  I only wore makeup at night if we went out to dinner.  During the day, I used this on my skin as my SPF.  It goes on like a tinted moisturizer so while it doesn’t give a lot of coverage (hardly any), it does make your skin look even.  It gives you SOMETHING while protecting your skin from the sun.  I wear this daily as well and love all of their products (especially this one).

As always, thank you so much for following along!  xo

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