Spring Cleaning: Closet Edition

Spring is the best, right?  I mean at least it is for people like me who totally geek out on cleaning, purging and organizing their lives.  Every Season, I go through all of our things and donate what we no longer wear or use.  It’s the best feeling ever and seems like I start the new Season clear headed and together- nothing better in my book! One area of focus is my closet…I recently did a huge closet clean out and wanted to share some tips and best practices for this task which can seem super daunting.

If you’ve followed along for a while, then you know I used to work directly with clients in their homes doing just this.  It was Marie Kondo before everyone was Mari Kondo-ing! Honestly, this is something I really enjoyed doing with people.  Making their lives more organized, aesthetically pleasing and functional sparked a lot of joy for me! You can see a lot of my before and after’s here.  As much as I loved working directly with clients, I had to put a pause on this side of my business about two years ago.  For starters, my pregnancy with Griffin was complicated and I wasn’t able to do anything physical.  Not only that, but these jobs took days or weeks at a time and I decided that with two little ones, I wanted to make sure my work focus was centered around being home with my kids as much as possible.  Who knows, I may do it again once I have both kiddos in school!  For now though, I can share my tips and tricks that can easily transform your closet space from chaos to organized here on my blog.  Here are my 5 simplest ways to transform your closet and get a handle on your stuff.


1.) Space Saving Hangers- This is NOT an option and is the first thing you need to invest in to change your life and your closet.  Yes.  I am passionate about these hangers!  First, your clothes don’t slip off of them and fall to the bottom of your closet like they do with plastic or metal ones.  And second, they will save you SO much space! Toss out any hangers but these please- I promise you’ll thank me after. I also linked the kids hangers we use in our home- don’t forget about their little closets!

2.) Shoe Storage– Your shoes need to be in a place.  I really don’t care what type of place- clear shoe bins are great if you don’t have much space because they can be stacked.  My preference is for some type of shelf where they can all be together and look nice.  Ideally, your closet should be merchandised like a tiny little store that you love shopping in! I’ve used EVERY piece in some closet below.

3.) Utilize Your Space with Shelves–  Similar to the point above, there is no wrong answer here but if you’re not utilizing every inch of those random shelves at the top of your closet, you’re wasting space.  I LOVE to hoist a shelf onto those and store shoes that aren’t used everyday or handbags!

4.) Bins and Baskets– I store accessories like scarves, costume jewelry, shoes and travel bags in bins and baskets.  Function is key here, prettiness comes second.  Measure your space and buy your storage containers accordingly.  I love and use the baskets below in my clients’ homes. I also love Ikea’s shelves and storage- it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive!

5.) Color Coordinate– If your space looks calm and organized, it will make a huge difference in how you feel about it.  I like to color coordinate my clothes and hang them according to type.  For example, my t-shirts are all hung together and sorted according to the rainbow.  I follow suit with the rest of my wardrobe as well!

So this was a start right? Let me know if you implement any of the above- I’d love to hear!  Have a wonderful day and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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