Trend To Try: Paperbag Shorts

Guys.  I LOVE THESE SHORTS.  I got them last Summer (whoo HOO they’re still in stock) and am SO happy they’re still in style this Season!  You’ve got to get yourself a pair of paperbag shorts or pants.  But first can we just pause for a minute?  Could they not have come up with a cuter name for this trend?  I really don’t want anything I wear compared to a paper bag…like tie waist shorts would have done just fine thank you very much.  Regardless, they’re great and I scoured the internet to find you the very best at many price points (ordered these from Target!) at a variety of retailers.  This style is great because it will give you the illusion of a waist regardless of if you’re wearing a fitted top or just front tuck an easy graphic t-shirt (just ordered this one and am obsessed).  They’re also all high waisted which is great for about a million reasons all of us women understand (like will you EVER buy low waisted leggings again in your life? NO).

I snagged shorts last year but wanted to try the pant trend this year (and because it’s not short Season here yet) so I ordered these ones and LOVE them. It will be no surprise that I sourced mostly neutral colors for you guys.  I think the tie and extra fabric itself is sort of a lot (you know what I mean, right?) so in those cases, I always opt for a neutral palette.  And actually in real life I just gravitate toward those colors as you all know.  Either way, I hope this is a trend that you’ll try.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed!  And if you do try it out, please share with me!  It always makes me so happy to hear that I’ve helped you style an outfit or snag something you love.  Happy Friday and as always, thank you so much for following along! xo

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