10 Life Changing Amazon Purchases

DOORMAT (image via Craftmaids for Etsy)

Happy Monday!  I hope you guys had a great weekend.  It was SO beautiful in San Diego-  I really felt so grateful to live in such a lovely place and have realized that I officially can never live someplace cold and cloudy again (I did my time- 27 years!). We spent the weekend outdoors with the kids.  Austin took Coco golfing which is their new weekend tradition (so cute!) and I took a spin class and actually laid in my backyard and read a magazine (whaat?!).  We had TWO date nights…it’s weekends like these, right?

Ok so guys, is Amazon not the best? I’ve seen a few bloggers post about their Amazon treasures and I gotta say, I LOVE those posts.  I’m so curious about what other people find on there!  So I decided to look back over the last 3 years of ordering and share 10 items that have changed our lives for the better!  These are also things that you guys see in my home (like this vacuum) that I get lots of questions on so I’m so excited to share. Tell me, what is the BEST thing you’ve bought on Amazon?  Because it’s likely I need it too!  As always, thank you so much for following along. xo


  1. Wet/Dry Vac– MMMMKKKAYY, DAVID. If you don’t watch Schitt’s creek, that meant nothing to you.  If you do, I hope you’re laughing.  This is BY far my favorite gadget in my house.  It picks up wet and dry spills and we keep it plugged into our garage for those daily carseat Puff spills!
  2. Pillow Inserts– I found these this year when my couch pillows were looking sad and dumpy.  I bought these and they perked right up- measure your pillows and order ONE SIZE UP for maximum fluff.  Our pillows are 24 x 24 so I ordered the 26 x 26.
  3. Mold Free Bath Toys– Have you ever seen those Utube videos where they cut open a bath toy and they’re filled with mildrew? SO GROSS.  Then your baby is putting them in their mouth constantly? NO MORE.  These twist off and you can let them air dry.  My little germaphobe heart nearly burst when I discovered these!
  4. Celine Sunglasses–  I’m now on my 3rd pair of Celine sunglasses purchased off of Amazon!  They have reputable sellers (these are verified authentic- I’ve even taken them into the store to confirm) and you can’t beat the price.  Know that at this price, you aren’t getting the NEWEST style.  But these are styles I love, so who cares?  Plus the new styles are like, $450.
  5. Door Monkey– Do you have a toddler that gets into EVERYTHING?  Griffin is really curious- we have these on every door to keep him safe!  He can’t pinch his fingers, Coco can take them on and off if she needs to use the room and they’re fairly cheap considering the peace of mind you get with a child not in an unsafe place.
  6. Vacuum– So I bought this vacuum after another blogger posted about it for Black Friday.  And we are in love! I’ve never owned a vacuum that has the option to do stairs, hardwood and upholstered furniture.  The options are endless and Griffin and I are obsessed (as I’m sure you’ve seen in my stories, lol).  Also, there is no bag that needs to be replaced.  You just dump what it sucks up in the garbage.
  7. Splat Mat– I ended up buying a second one of these and you guys also went nuts over them.  We keep one under Griffin’s high chair to protect our hardwood and one we use for crafts like paint, play dough and kinetic sand.  It protects your house while allowing for inevitable messes, spills and crafty fun.  Also, you can throw them in the washer!
  8. Spice Rack Set– Remember when I cleaned out our spice cabinet a few months ago?  This was the set I used!  It has everything you need to make an organized spice cabinet.
  9. Keepsake Portfolio– I got this when Coco was a baby and snagged one when we had Griffin.  We keep their “keepsakes” in here and will give them to the kids when they get older!  They are labeled for months/years so it really helps you keep a grip on all of the stuff they bring home from school.  I ONLY keep the very best and toss the rest!
  10. Kidcraft Kitchen– I bought this on a whim for Coco for Christmas two years ago.  Did I love the fancy Pottery Barn Kids ones?  YES.  But they’re so damn expensive and Coco never really gravitated toward kitchen pretend play.  I’m so glad we got this one for a fraction of the price.  It doesn’t take up a ton of space and both kids have enjoyed playing with it.

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