Mom Talk: The Art of Letting Go

I’ve been known to stress about getting it all done- to do lists, picking up the house, working out, self care, tending to my kids, eating well, working on the blog, Instagram, organizing, thank you notes…it NEVER FREAKING ENDS.  Right?  Mom or not, one thing we can all relate to is the desire to complete.  There is so much satisfaction in accomplishing what we set out to do (or in my case, just keeping the house NOT looking like a bomb went off) during the day.

It can get exhausting. Not to mention, we are bombarded with house perfection (everything perfection, really) on social media. We all document our highlight reel to the world…myself included.  In the past I would take my shower at night and reflect on my day and find myself so focused on what I didn’t get done that I tended to overlook the really amazing moments in each day.  Conversations with Coco, getting on the floor and playing princesses with her, reading to Griffin, blowing bubbles for them both or just simply taking a walk or chasing them around the house…there is really so much to be grateful for in those moments.  And yet there I was, in the shower, stewing over the toys on the floor or the piles of paperwork on my dining room table.  In an effort to be more present, grateful and overall HAPPY, I’ve decided to lean in (so overused, sorry!) to letting it go.

You may come over to my house these days and it will look real messy.  Like toys EVERYWHERE.  Dishes in the sink. Food in various places. I’ll be in sweats, Coco’s hair will NOT be brushed.  Griffin will have a dirty diaper.  There will be no less than 3 loads of clean laundry piled up in my laundry room begging to be folded.  Beds won’t be made.  There will be piles of paperwork and mail.  I will have unanswered emails and text messages.  This is how it is a LOT of the time in our house.  But the happy kids in these photos?  They don’t care about any of that stuff! And I’m trying to take a cue from them and care less too…

Don’t get me wrong, there are days I have it all figured out.  I LIVE for a clean and picked up house.  It makes me feel sane and together.  Believe it or not, organizing and cleaning is really therapeutic for me…I LOVE it. But I just have other things that NEED to get done so many times, the picking up, cleaning and organizing takes a back seat.  So I’m learning to not beat myself up over that and accept it for what it is:  A crazy, beautiful chapter in my life that will be VERY short lived.  At the end of the day, there are only so many hours in the day to get it all done…and guess what?  It will all still be there tomorrow.

So I’ll shower at night amongst 153 bath toys with toilet paper strewn across the floor and at least 3 sippy cups in my bedroom and simply feel grateful for this crazy time!  Are you able to let go of the mess or do you obsessively clean and pick up? As always, thank you so much for following along and thank you to Hannah Andersson for sharing their new Sunny Days collection with our family!  If you’ve been with me for a while, you know we’ve been wearing Hanna Andersson for YEARS.  You just cannot beat their quality.  We love their new light and bright collection that’s just perfect for spending the day outdoors playing on a sunny day! Bring on the bubbles, messes and living in the moment!

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*Sponsored by Hanna Andersson, all opinions are my own. 

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