Wardrobe Staple: The Black Bodysuit

Bodysuits are back- everything comes back around, right?  I never thought I’d see the day and yet here I am buying bodysuits and calling them wardrobe essentials.  And I truly believe that every gal needs one in her closet. 

Here’s why:  first of all, layering.  A bodysuit provides the perfect smooth base layer that will actually stay tucked in.  Smooth being the operative word here-  so many would-be great outfits are unnecessarily meh due to the unkempt look of the base layer.  Two:  the options are endless- you can literally throw anything over a bodysuit: cardigan, sweater, jacket, vest.  You name it.  Three: they are so darn flattering.  Here me out.  Even if you’re body conscience (and who isn’t?), they work almost as shape-wear in that they smooth everything out.  And creating a tucked in look accentuates your waist line, providing a simple, clean look.  Alone or layered, you can’t go wrong!  I’ve linked some of my personal favorites below along with some that have amazing reviews and one (albeit expensive), that has a cult following!  As always, thank you so much for following along!


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