My Morning Routine and Favorite Lounge Wear

While I don’t claim to be a scheduling expert by any means, I am and always have been a creature of habit.  In fact, I can get so into a routine that I get anxiety when things don’t go as planned.  The good thing about life with two little ones is that rarely does anything go as planned so it’s been a great way for me to learn how to go with the flow!  Not my strong suit.  One thing I’ve always had is a regular morning routine.  It has evolved over the years as my life has changed– from working in corporate America to staying home with Coco to juggling two kids and having to get out of the house for school daily.

Before I dive in, just know that this is a typical day for me. My MIL comes over to help a few mornings each week and sometimes my Dad is in town visiting and helping out.  Austin and I agree that those days are the best, lol! Each day there are slight variations of course, but it usually looks something like this:

5/6AM: Wake up.  Before I had Griffin, I would ALWAYS wake up around 5.  Even if I had been up the night before with Coco.  There was just something I loved about having that time for myself in the morning to start my day off right.  I’m more prone to sleeping in closer to 6 now that I have Griffin (two kids is exhausting, lol) but either way, my goal is to be up and have some time for myself before they get up.  Could I work out during this time?  You bet.  But personally, I love making my coffee and enjoying it while I prep Coco’s lunch, check e-mails and get a jump start on my day.

5:30 (ish): Coffee: This is the FIRST thing I do when I wake up after throwing on some sweats (usually these grey joggers and this sweatshirt) and my favorite slippers- these are hands down THE BEST.  I’ve loved this espresso machine for years.  I make a latte with this milk frother and it is glorious. I then check my e-mails, check our budget – obsessed with the Everydollar app and try to get my post out for the day on Instagram! I then head upstairs to get dressed and do my makeup. Getting this done is essential as Griffin is into EVERYTHING these days! My bathroom is always a literal disaster if my kids are up while I’m getting dressed!

6:00 (ish): Griffin wakes up at 6:00 on the dot usually.  I go in and nurse him and change his diaper- he’s always in such a good mood in the morning! We play downstairs and I make hot water with lemon juice to sip on for the next hour or so.  I’ve done this for years and years and love the way it makes me feel.

6:30 (ish):  Pack Coco’s lunch and snacks for school and lay out jackets, school bag and anything she needs to bring that day (if it’s a school day). Otherwise I’ll prep for what we have going on that day.

7:00 (ish) Coco wakes up.  We all go downstairs and have breakfast together.  My go to is oatmeal with berries and a scoop of protein powder (sounds gross but it’s really good!).   I hate to miss breakfast because I find if I do, by the time I get back from dropping Coco off at school, I’m so famished that I literally just eat anything I can grab.  Usually that means an unhealthy choice…once I make one unhealthy choice, it’s hard to get my day back on track- am I the only one?  Like, I skipped breakfast so I guess I should skip my workout and just order Dominos.  While they finish breakfast, I unload the dishwasher (which we run at night).

7:30:  Bring Griffin and Coco upstairs to get dressed and throw in a load of laundry.  If I don’t do one load per day, the laundry gets out of control! I find this system to work best even if it means doing daily laundry.

7:45:  The kids play together while I attempt to pick up from the morning!

I think the New Year is always a great time to reset your mornings (if you want to). It doesn’t have to be a resolution, but I find that little things like quiet coffee and throwing in a load of laundry are small pleasures that set my day off on the right foot.  What does your typical morning look like?  As always, thank you so much for following along!

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